Windows media player 12 for Windows Vista/XP

WMP 12 for Windows XP

WMP 12

Microsoft has released new version of Windows media player and Internet explorer for its new generation OS, Windows 7. The new Windows media player 12 is specially designed for Windows Vista and Windows 7. So for now its not possible to run Windows media player 12 on Windows XP. Actually the new WMP 12 is almost similar to Windows media player 11 which is now freely available for download.   However, if you want Windows media player 12 in your Windows XP system, here is a solution. One Deviantart user has manged to extract Windows media player 12 resource files and made it available for Windows XP users.

Microsoft Windows media player 12 :

Windows Media Player 12

Windows Media Player 12

Windows media player 12 features:

Windows media player 12 has a new attractive toolbar design and compact menu structure. It can be used to burn or rip music disc, purchase music online, organize media files, sync from other music sources etc.

The sound quality of Windows media player 12 is very similar to that of WMP 11. So  installing the player in Windows XP won’t make much difference. Checkout this post if you want improve sound quality of your Windows media player using another method.

How to install Windows media player 12 for Windows Vista/XP :
Download the following ZIP file. It contains two folders. From which , transfer wmploc.dll to your Windowssystem32 folder and the other one to program files folder .

Download Windows media player 12 for Windows Vista/XP.
( This file was removed as it contained a virus)

The Windows media player 11 was earlier  available only for Windows Vista. Later Microsoft released it free for all genuine Windows XP users. So if you are genuine Windows XP user, chances are high for an official  Windows XP compatible version any time soon.

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28 thoughts on “Windows media player 12 for Windows Vista/XP

  1. Snoop Doggy Dogg!!!!!! oh well, how many viruses can we download now. These AHoles don’t care if we get them in our computer. Punk Rooty Poohs

  2. Omg, are you guys stupid or what ? Do you see that on the link it says :
    ”Download Windows media player 12 for Windows Vista/XP.
    ( This file was removed as it contained a virus)”

    The link is deleted…

  3. Buddys, do NOT download & install this file even from other links, @ least on XP!!!

    It has trojan & makes ur system 32 folder size > 1 Gb!!! & also no WMP works!!

    This does NOT work by this way on XP & it causes more problem!!

  4. Why you can not provide wmp 12 for xp when wmp is a universal player for windows and that too when you are totally going to stop further updating of win xp ?

  5. can this installer of wmp 12 working on windows wp?
    I am affraid it will make my wmp 11 risk.

  6. …What the **** is this mess
    They made it for 7, you can get it to work on vista!
    Oh jesus you might as well delete this entire post..
    12 has aero encoded into it theres no way to get it to work for xp…

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