Use Twitter with Instant messenger (IM)

Twitter is having a Jabber-based real-time bot , which tracks and distributes millions of tweets over instant messengers like Google talk and Yahoo messenger. The tremendous increase of user base and that too in short span of time affected Twitter servers and they were forced to withdraw instant messenger(IM) updates ,out of service .
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So I found few alternative services that could be used to drive Twitter updates to your Instant messengers .

1. IMified :

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IMified bot supports Twittering through Google talk , MSN messenger and Yahoo messenger .That is , You can receive  Twitter tweets from instant messenger interface  , after you added to your friends list .

Update : Due to server related issues , Imifieds stopped public registration .

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Excla is just another jabber bot that allows you to update your Twitter status by verifying your twitter account , password and adding to your contact list.

3. Twitt’d:
I would prefer this one as it supports both sending and receiving of tweets. Another feature is that it supports all most all instant messengers. But in each case , you have to add  the corresponding bots into your friends list .

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For AIM,Yahoo! Messenger and Skype : twittd ,
For MSN messenger twittd@live .com ,
For Google talk or jabber

Select a bot and enter your details as follows
/username “y
our twitter username
/password “
your twitter password
So now you can post as well as receive Twitter updates in your instant messenger.

For those who don’t know: Twitter is a web2.0 micro-blogging social networking website that allows users to post their thoughts, comments, and opinions regarding their lives or anything in general using text messages of 160 char in length. In twitter, users have their own profile page that displays their latest updates. In addition, tweeters can become “friends” with one another, or simply be a “follower.”The interaction in twitter is real time so theres a lot of fun evolved in it . Twitter allows the users to post tweets through Twitter website, using SMS, through instant messengers (im) like Google talk, RSS,email and hundreds of free third party applications using twitter API.


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One thought on “Use Twitter with Instant messenger (IM)

  1. From far the best service out there to tweet from your instant messenger is .
    You can receive your tweets, DMs and mentions in real time through your favourite IM (gtalk, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, AIM) and you can perform various commands such as tweeting, searches, listing your last mentions etc…
    I highly recommend you check it out.

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