Use Dreamscene video wallpapers in Windows XP

Few days back, we shared you a method you use DreamScene in Windows 7 and non-supported Windows Vista editions. DreamScene or video wallpapers may not to be a familiar word for people using Windows XP. Actually, Its a software tool on Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate that lets you play movies and moving objects as desktop background. That means you can set a video wallpaper. DreamScene is a free Windows Vista Ultimate addon, and Microsoft doesn’t provide the software for Windows 7 or Windows XP. However, now Windows XP users could also use Dreamscene on their desktop with XPDream.

Windows XP DreamScene

XPDream is developed on the Microsoft .NET framework platform. So Download the latest version of the .NET Framework here.  After that, download XPDream from here.  You need .MPG or .WMV files to set them as a video wallpapers. Download a collection here.

Use Dreamscene in Windows XP

Now open XPDream from the download folder. It will have an interface as shown above. Select a suitable video wallpaper or DreamScene from our collection and click on Generate File. Now the application will set the selected video wallpaper as your Windows XP desktop background. The necessary requirement for running this application is to get a computer with at least 512MB RAM and Pentium 4 processor with a good graphics card.

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