Unlock protected PDF files to copy edit and print

Unlock protected PDF files to copy edit and print One of the best features of PDF files is the password protection which can be usually set with any PDF editor. Some ebooks in PDF format adds more security by preventing users from doing copy, edit and print. The latest version of PDF uses 256 bits AES encryption, which is comparatively difficult to unlock. However, if the character length is less, there are some methods to recover passwords from older PDF versions. Here we have few utilities to unlock protected PDF documents to copy, edit and print them.

1.Unlock PDF files using online method :

Two online services Ensode and  Unlock-PDF allow users to upload PDF files to their server and  unlock them online. Converted PDF files can be edited as per user interest. First service let you to upload PDF file up to 5 MB in size, and will be opened in a new browser window after conversion. The second one has both free and premium PDF unlocking facilities, from which the later offers more advanced features for new and complex PDF encryptions.

2. Unlock PDF files and remove copy, edit and print restrictions using freeware PDF-crack (PDF1.6, Acrobat 7.0) .

PDF crack is a freeware PDF unlock tool for Windows and Linux. Though there is no GUI, the command line interface is well written to be used.

use PDF crack to unlock PDF files

Download PDF crack and extract files. Run the command line utility and provide the directory of target PDF file. If you know the password length, the process can be accelerated by providing the maximum and the minimum values.

Download PDF crack.

The same author has another freeware utility PDFcrypt, intended for decrypting protected PDF files. It supports PDF files of standard 48 bits, 128 bits, AES-128 bit encryption.
Download PDFcrypt.

3. Remove copy, edit and print restrictions from PDF using freeware PDF unlocker.

Remove copy, edit and print restrictions from PDF

Download freeware PDF unlocker and just drop the target file to the application icon. Unlocked and non-password protected PDF file will then be produced instantly.

Download freeware PDF unlocker.

Use screenshot capture and OCR software to copy, print and edit protected PDF files.

Screenshot capture software can easily produce image screenshots of PDF file, which later can be converted using Optical Character Recognition software (OCR). PDF Files are digital documents, so we can expect  exactly similar outputs by using a good OCR application.

There are a large number of shareware apps available for advanced unlocking of PDF files. Some of them offers demo versions too.

Note: These utilities are meant for unlocking non-copy protected and legal PDF files.

Update: Here is promotional offer to download free license code for AnyBizSoft PDF Password Remover

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9 thoughts on “Unlock protected PDF files to copy edit and print

  1. sounds good. A good way to backup those files and preserve one’s choice. Why risk losing e-books if the reader goes bad and you don’t want to buy another one or worse yet have no choice because it won’t work on another brand of reader? Why risk having a provider wrongly “take back” something you paid for? It is also annoying to have bought a document, only to find that you have to enter some incomprehensible, non-changeable password every time you want to read from it.

  2. dude,

    i need help getting a pdf file open… it’s password protected and i can’t get it open… and i dont really get what u wrote up there i tried to follow the steps and failed….. noob as be told…. pls help!

  3. It would appear that you have no links to the software downloads.

    Download PDF crack .
    Download PDFcrypt .
    Download freeware PDF unlocker .

  4. You can use PDF Password Remover to Reremove password-protection or encryption from the PDF

    document. Advanced PDF Password Remover is a free tool which removes encryption from PDF files.

    It removes all the basic restrictions on printing, copying and editing the content of PDF files.

    It also removes password protection, if any, from the file.

  5. Hi All….

    You can also use PDF Unlocker tool to unlock & creack PDF securities …Just free download PDf Unlocker Program :-

  6. Thanks for sharing, i just make my pdf file unlock through online service which is available at pdfunlock.com, here you just need to browse your pdf file link, then it automatically asked for download the same file, then you get your pdf file free of all locks.

  7. Another way to do it on a Windows XP, Vista or above computer is to print the protected PDF as an “XPS” document, using the “Microsoft XPS Document Writer” printer. You can then open the document with Adobe Acrobat, and you will have the ability to copy-paste the previously password protected material.

  8. just downloaded the freeware pdf unlocker. i dragged the pdf doc in it, it opened but i could not see any write up inside. can some one pls assist me?

  9. I found such a great tool to unlock PDF documents. So, I want to share this link to everybody they want to unlock his/her protected PDF files to copy edit and print. Follow the given url:


    Really amazing tool. Just try it to get benifit of this software.

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