Uninstall or Remove Mac app store and apps

The Mac app store is an application market place that Apple released with Mac OS X 10.6.6 update.  Usually we install Mac apps directly after downloading it from the internet or from media discs. Mac app store is like the iTunes store for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Here we use Apple ID to purchase or download applications directly from the cloud, and the upgrades can be installed like that in iOS devices.

It is pretty easy to install apps from the store, but there is no direct option to uninstall or remove Mac store and apps installed. However, you can do that through a method given below.

Remove Mac store from OS desktop:

Download Nuke The app store here.

Execute the downloaded app and restart. Click on application menu and drag the Mac store app to Trash- also its icon from the dock.  Now open Mac OS Finder app and move to Mac, Library, Preferences, then find com.apple.dockfixup.plist file and delete it. Restart your machine.

Uninstall Mac Store apps:

You can use an application like AppCleaner to remove Mac store apps completely and without any traces. Your purchased apps will be always safe in your Apple ID, and you can restore everything by re-installing Mac OS 10.6.6.


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