Trend Micro SafeSync review- unlimited online backup account giveaway

Trend Micro Safe Sync

Trend Micro Safe Sync

We earlier reviewed a few online backup services. One of the best services in that list was Huymo, which offered 10GB of free space for customers. Recently they have got acquired by Trend Micro Inc. in UK, and the online backup service was renamed to SafeSync. The Huymo free backup is no more available to new customers. However, interested users can purchase Trend Micro Safe Sync at a very nominal rate. Trend Micro is a leading security company so the takeover has improved the overall reliance of the Huymo brand. The best feature of Trend Micro Safe Sync is the unlimited storage. While most of the other providers calculate the yearly subscription on the basis on the storage, Safe Sync just has a flat rate, and that is very cheap.

The online backup industry is at its infancy stage in many countries. The concept is very useful at times and simple to understand. You can store your photos, videos, documents and even passwords online to the SafeSync servers, and access them from anywhere in the world through web, computer or a mobile device. Here is a review of the major features of  Trend Micro SafeSync.

Safe Sync web application

Safe Sync web application

Unlimited Online backup: Store as many as files you want.
Automatic Synchronization: After account creation, you can download  SafeSync desktop client for Windows and Mac. The service creates a folder in your explorer as shown below. Any file placed on this folder will be uploaded to Safe Sync servers automatically and any other changes made in this folder will be synchronized with the online account.
Drag and drop files in the web the interface.
Easily share files with Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Email contacts.
Edit  online files in local computer and transfer the changes immediately to the storage space.
Access or upload files from mobile phones.
Email Upload: Send files to with subject as your Safe Sync user name.

SafeSync unlimited online backup account giveaway

Trend Micro Safe Sync

We are giving away two SafeSync accounts worth $75 for our readers. To participate, test the SafeSync trial service here and share your thoughts in the comment form. The winners will be selected on 15-01-2011 using Random.Org.

Update: The winners are joHn and Jay C.

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31 thoughts on “Trend Micro SafeSync review- unlimited online backup account giveaway

  1. Thanks for the offer.Currently I am using Dropbox for online backup. 2GB is enough for my purpose, but it would be great if I can get an unlimited online backup account for free. Count me in.

  2. Thanks for the opportunity. I have started using Trend Micro Safe Sync and I found it smooth in synchronizing files and folders. But when compared with other services it doesn’t have native mobile application for any OS platform.

  3. Thanks for such a wonderful Giveaway …..Currently I am a dropbox user but the main problem is that it gives only 2 gb storage for free ….But unlimited storage ….Wow….I will surely move to “Trend Micro SafeSync” if I get a free license…..

  4. I’ve tried and I find it easy to get started and i synch all my files quickly in just a few clicks on the go. User interface is friendly and clean.


  5. I am trying safesync. But it dosent have any mobile app for any OS. Neither it has desktop client for Linux. There is discussion forums for Trend micro, no information on upcoming features, neither anyone responds from the the support. It dosent have option to view files online (docs viewer) and no passward protection for folders when shared. Many features are lacking as compared with zumodrive, dropbox,, sugarsync, etc..

  6. I agree with you Sameer. But for Dropbox, you need to pay $10pm for the first premium plan and that allow only 50GB storage. The storage is unlimited for Trend Micro Safe Sync. I really hope that they will bring the Linux app very soon.

  7. First year they offer great discounts and all. But the charges will get increased from the second year and we will be forced to pay that since we have our files hosted in their servers. People usually use the backup services for hosting their important files, yeah most of them. So there is no point in getting an unlimited backup account. You can get a 1TB backup hard drive for $60-100 and there is no recurring charges. But anything free is free- so I am interested in this Trend Micro Safe Sync giveaway and I am in 😉

  8. Very true.. we have no idea how much Trend Micro will charge next year. Looking at it, I think they will charge heavy as they are big company. Other online storage company have option to renew at same rate for 3-4yrs. But trend micro has purposely not provided such option. There are errors in the pricing on their own site. Check this link, where it says $80/year.,932AE7B5217047BF9E18A317852DFFC4;LEVOB30356P028

    And i tried to contact customer care. Its damn horrible. Every time you type anything and the result is only Antivirus.. Their main business is Antivirus. There is no customer page dedicated for safesync. After two clicks it goes to Global page and you are lost.

  9. best and reliable is from Godaddy which give 100GB at very cheap rate of $24/year. I am using this for last 2yrs. It does everything from sync folders, backup folders, share files as public links, etc..

  10. Hey guys Dropbox is the best online backup service. You can refer your friends and get up-to 10GB space in Dropbox. This is for lifetime and you don’t need to care about yearly renewal charges. Sign-up for Dropbox here (PS: Me and you will get 250MB extra space if you sign up with this link). I wonder why Trend Micro is not providing such option in

  11. @ravi – Dropbox is a good solution, they did have got them into many popular services as bundled-with. But their features for sharing and tracking views are backwards. But they have advantage over as they have desktop client for mac, win, linux that does folder sync. This is not with anyone other then But everyone – dropbox,, zumodrive are very expensive about $120/year for only 50GB.

  12. Currently using sugarsync – 5 GB. But thats sufficient as I have a lot of data.
    Thanks a lot for this.

  13. Hi,

    Thanks for a nice giveaway.
    I am a novice to online backup solution.Only use file hosting services like Rapidshare..
    I have heard of Drop Box recently but never tried because I didn’t knw the vendor reliabilty.
    But after hearing abt Trand Micro Safe Sync..
    I feel like giving it a try..for one year atleast if I win a license.

    Hopin to win a license.

    Happy New Year!!

    Thanks and Regards,

  14. The first file I’m uploading is 19GB, so if that goes smoothly over the next 3 days and 9 hours (their estimated time for the upload), I’ll be thinking seriously about keeping the service.

  15. Great Prize Giveaway. I just purchased a 3pc Trend Mirco Anti-Virus 2010 on sale at OfficeWorks for only $19.95 as the 2011 Titanium has come out, great way to get discounted software. However it doesn’t have any backup & I currently use & which is only 2gb.
    I have been using Trend Micro Security since PCillin b& always havea copy of HackThis & Encrypter 2009 for Instant Messenger on my systems at Home & Work.

    I can really use this Prize so I can Sync my Office files Online always having the most current version when I work late at home I don’t need to carry a External HD & transfer from PC to Laptop daily/nightly.

    Thank you for the opportunity, this will come in handy more than you can imagine.

    Keep up the great Blog, News & Resources.

    Jay (Alpha WebApp)

  16. I just started using safesync for all my pictures, just realized that I had like 40GB of personal photos and not a single backup!
    Count me in on the giveaway please =)

  17. SafeSync supports WebDAV read / write. EXCELLENT!
    SafeSync supports the fast download manager for individual files linked.

    I like SugarSync, but does not support download managers. Try it to believe it. Try to create a public link and download the file with any download manager. Go slow. It ‘too slow to upload.

    Memopal and SafeCopy, WebDAV support read-only.

    For there is unlimited space onlinestoragesolution. Low prices for many services, WebDAV, FTP, Rsync, unlimited accounts, etc.etc … I’m trying them all. Sorry for my English …

  18. Good giveaway. We have over 50GB of data that needs to be backed up and offsite. Unfortunately SafeSync has a problem right now and is down. According to Trend Micro it will be down for 24-48 hours while they do “maintenance”. So during my trial period I am unable to complete the initial backup for 24-48 hours. This does not bode well for future availability and reliability of the service when you need it. I am not expecting 100% or even six “9’s” service but an outage of 24-48 hours is an issue.

  19. To be fair the SafeSync website and backup/synchronization became available after 105 minutes (instead of the reported 24-48 hours reported by their Service Desk).

  20. I just signed up for SafeSync last night. It seems to be pretty good so far. I was disappointed that I was not able to upload some of the videos on my Droid X because they are larger than 10 MB.

  21. Been looking into a reasonable backup solution for a while now to back up my schoolwork, photos, and music. Dropbox, Mozy, and Sugarsync don’t have enough space for me, so something like this would be great! Thanks!

  22. I am using trend micro safesync for about 4 months now. Though it is installed on my system, still when i click the link for the software i get system cannot find the specified file/path. even though the product is good and 10 GB is ample amount of free space, but i am unable to find a solution to this problem.

  23. I used SafeSync to backup a 2TB RAID that was throwing errors. The transfer is very fast and the service is extremely reliable. It functions much like a software repository would, marking files for changes and keeping an up to date mirror.

    When I redid the RAID I had a moment of panic as the SafeSync folders disappeared (they were no longer on the hard drive). As soon as I added the folders back to the hard drive the SafeSync folders reappeared it started the massive sync process. All files were retrieved successfully.

    From a footprint point of view it’s a little bit of a hog when idle. It consumes about 70-75MB of RAM. I did not check while it was backing up.

    For the convenience of not have to worry about size, and general ease of use, I’d have to say this is a no-brainer for $60.

  24. Great giveaway. I am using Humyo for last 2 years now, and its great to have online backup so I can access my files from anywhere.And do I move around.. or yeah, a lot.
    The only problem with Humyo was that if I wanted to send any file to anyone than that person too should have a Humyo account to access. NOw with this , this limitation is gone and now I can sent my files to anyone anywhere without bothering about them having any account. well done Trend Micro. Hope I win one.

  25. Okay, I have been using the Trial Version for a few days now and I find it way better value than DropBox for such a great load of space (which I need) even with my other free online space – plus I can keep ALL my eBay & Photos & Listing HTML for products in one place, which requires over 50gb so far.

    It has great features and good UI and speed!

    It is a tempting online alternative to making 2 External HDD backups incase one fails on my Iomega 320gb & my MyBook World SE (Network Backup).

    (Crossing my Fingers on Winning this great Giveaway – subscribed to thread too, to keep up with replies! 🙂 )

  26. There is another option to backup data to cloud storage powered by Amazon S3. Check out CloudBerry Backup . It is onetime fee and the rest what you pay for Amazon S3. Besides, there is no proprietary data format and you can access your data using other Amazon s3 tools. Supports all Amazon S3 regions and Reduced Redundancy Storage.

  27. Just signed up for a trial. Like it so far. Although, I can’t figure out how to set up online only backup. Are there file size limits?

  28. I am also using dropbox in combination with zumodrive to sync my files between computers. I truly love the idea of cloud storage but the 2 gig space just limites those services to documents and maybe some resized pictures. I’ll test the trial version now and hope the offer a great bandwith for syncing.

    crossing my fingers for the giveaway….

    Thanks guys for the great offer!

  29. Trendmicro has change the pricing model and ends unlimiteded storage also for existing customers.

    I am very unhappy with that, cause i have toi find a new service..

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