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Many people start their blogging carrier on Google Blogger and later transfer everything to WordPress. Blogger is free to use, and there is also an option to use custom domain name instead of .blogspot sub domain. However, the content and images in Blogger are hosted on Google servers and we don’t have access to those files. Also Blogger is doesn’t not support wide rage of plugins, themes and SEO ( search engine optimization) benefits that we have in WordPress. Thousands of professional bloggers around the globe uses WordPress. So if you want fame and money, WordPress is the best blogging platform out there. The money invested in web hosting and domain name for a WordPress will return to your pocket within a month, depending upon certain factors. When we move from WordPress to Blogger, the important thing to consider is the search engine traffic. Because, in WordPress, there is a slightly deferment link structure that will 404 already indexed blog posts of the blogger blog. So here is a method to transfer Blogger blog to WordPress with permalinks, traffic and SEO.

Disadvantages of Blogger:

No control on web hosting: You cannot install server side applications like forums, contact forms, etc. in your blog. Also there is no option to purchase dedicated IP address and other server related extras.

Limitation on number of photos: There is a limitation on the number of photos that can be uploaded to a Blogger blog.

SEO: We cannot add metatags, keywords, customize post title, or permalinks in WordPress.

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One thought on “Transfer Blogger blog to WordPress with permalinks

  1. Hi but when you revert back to the address your posts will still be and then on your new domain they will be the same but so it will be duplicate content right?

    Hope you understand? Basically as follows

    Free blogger blog posts.

    Self hosted WP posts.

    And so on and obviously they will be duplicate content?

    When someone goes to your say from a link somewhere they could also visit in a seperate tab/window and see the same content so Google will penalise one of them right?

    Am I right in thinking that will happen? Does it transfer images too? What happens to the old address?

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