Track online visitors on a website or blog

Track online visitors on a website or blog

Track visitors

Calculating the visitor’s trends and planning a strategy in real-time is very important for every blogger  who is looking forward to gaining advantage from quick traffic surges. This includes analyzing the user search patterns to post new articles or rewrite existing ones with new keywords. There are several tools like Google analytics, Alexa, Statcounter, etc. giving a clean idea for the webmaster about daily traffic on a website and the source of traffic. However, accessing these web applications for real-time results is tiresome. So here are a few specially designed widgets that we can embed in Blogger, WordPress or any other website or blog platform to trace the activity of online users.

Track online visitors on a website or blog  using Feedjit:

Track online visitors on a website or blog  using Feedjit

Feedjit :Feedjit is one of the pioneers of real-time traffic widgets. They have JavaScript based and HTML based widgets supporting  various web platforms. JavaScript based widget is suited for Blogger, and self hosted WordPress blogs. At the same time, HTML widget can be used in blogs and Myspace blogs and others. Feedjit widget will track incoming traffic and the links based on the search term, referring link and shows flag icons  to distinguish the country of the searcher.

Moving mouse over Google or any other listed search engine will  reveal the search term. You can also opt to  see the real-time traffic from the bottom portion of the widget. Another advantage of Feedjit is the Google backlinks. Analyze any medium-high traffic blog that is using Feedjit. You will see a couple Google backlinks from Feedjit pages.

Add Feedjit on a website :

<script type="text/javascript" src=";tc=494949&amp;brd1=336699&amp;lnk=494949&amp;hc=336699&amp;ww=160"></script><noscript><a href="">Feedjit Live Blog Stats</a></noscript>

Copy the above JavaScript code and paste it to the suitable location .

Track online visitors on a website or blog using :

Track online visitors on a website or blog using, like Feedjit doesn’t need any kind of registration. Just copy the JavaScript code and paste it to the required location on the website. It will show a tiny box that displays the number of online visitors on the installed website.

You can click on this widget to a new page, where there will be a list of current online users, their location on the website, country, movement, traffic heat map and many other maps based data patterns.  Among. US widget dashboard also give access to detailed website statics on daily, weekly, monthly time frames.

Add traffic widget to a website :

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><script type="text/javascript">WAU_classic('dl9fud0iwg35')</script>

There is a pro version of both  Feedjit and Among. US that lets you to hide the widget from blog users and track advanced traffic details.

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