Track location of friends on Google maps

Google latitude Google recently introduced a new feature called latitude that let us to track or locate users of Google maps in real time. Users can sign up to latitude from Google maps mobile or Google maps web application . Latitude will update their location in real time and we will be able to track the movement of people who opted to display their status public . So you will be able track the location of the friends on Google maps if they accept your invitation to join latitude .

Google maps

Desktop users will only be able to set a static address . But mobile users can opt for automatic update , that with GPS produces excellent real time tracking . A proper data plan is required in each case .

Track location of the friends on Google maps

Download Google maps mobile .

After installation, click on latitude . Here you will be able to see a list of friends who are already on latitude and sharing their location .  You can choose to invite more people to the list by using Gmail contacts or email ID .

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