System Mechanic Pro serial key giveaway and review

System Mechanic 10 Pro activation key serial

System Mechanic 10

System Mechanic is a professional Windows optimization software from iolo technologies. As you all might now, the speed and performance of any PC will degrade from time to time. The main reason for this is the junk files and registry errors that gets added up during software installation and removal. We have been using System Mechanic from its version number 5. It’s an impressive software that has several inbuilt tools that can be used to scan and fix Windows problems automatically. Iolo recently launched System Mechanic 10 and System mechanic 10 professional editions. System Mechanic 10 professional is a complete package that includes five award winning software titles from iolo. The total package worth $300 retails at $69.9 for one year activation serial key. We are giving away one license of System Mechanic 10 pro edition free for our readers.  All you need to do is comment here with your thoughts on Iolo System Mechanic 10.

System Mechanic 10 Professional:

System Mechanic Professional 10 activation key

System Mechanic Professional 10

System Mechanic 10 Pro features:

Windows automatically create  files, folders and registry entries when we install, run or remove programs. These junk files and registry entries keeps adding up in our system and result in consumption of system resources. Unwanted  registry calls lead to a slower system startup and application response. Moreover, it may cause errors that prevent Windows from booting and opening applications. There are hidden settings in Windows and web browsers that can be tuned to get maximum internet connection speed. Iolo System Mechanic 10 take care of all these things and fine tune them to the best value required for optimized performance. Some of the features of System Mechanic 10 standard and Professional editions are given below.

Wizard driven operation for scanning junk files, registry errors, vulnerable system security settings, and  other PC problem automatically.

Program Accelerator in System Mechanic 10 arranges Windows software components in such a way that they become faster and responsive.

CRUDD Remover™ in System Mechanic 10 scans and removes unwanted programs and duplicate files.

Memory and registry defragmentation.

Tweaks hidden software settings to speed up Windows.

Privacy eraser to clean Internet history, recent documents and other sensitive data traces from Windows.

Tune-up Definitions: Iolo releases periodic virus definitions and PC tune up settings through live update services. All customers will get these definitions free within the subscription period, that is one year with our free activation key. Any Major update for System Mechanic in this period are also given free for all users.

Apart this, iolo System Mechanic 10 Pro edition includes iolo System Shield (Antivirus+ AntiSpyware+Firewall), Online backup, iolo DriveScrubber and iolo Search and Recover (File recovery) tools.

Iolo online backup in System Mechanic 10 automatically backup all your imporatnt data to a secure online folder. You can access them from anytime, anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Iolo DriveScrubber in System Mechanic 10 helps you to delete files and history traces in such a way that it is not recoverable using software tools or government agencies.

iolo Search and Recover recovers accidentally deleted images, movies, music and other data that are still present in the magnetic medium of your hard disk.

System Mechanic 10 offline installer:

Iolo usually provide an online installer for System Mechanic in their official website. So if you want to install the software in multiple machines, its better to download the full offline installers given below.

Download System Mechanic 10 full offline installer here.

Download System Mechanic 10 professional full setup here.

System Mechanic 10 professional serial key:

System Mechanic 10 professional serial number

System Mechanic 10 professional serial number

We have already purchased System Mechanic 10 pro, and as shown above, the license is safe in our mailbox. One year subscription to System Mechanic Pro service costs around $60. When you get System Mechanic 10 pro, you don’t need to buy any other antispyware, file recovery, online backup or file eraser tool. Furthermore, the iolo home licensing feature introduced in System Mechanic 10 lets you use the activation key in all computers that you own. That means, if you have two PCs and one laptop, you can use this serial in all these machines. Last week we have conducted a Norton Internet Security 2011 product key giveaway. Conditions for participation are almost the same. Subscribe to our email newsletter, promote this giveaway through Twitter/Facebook or publish this information in a public forum. All actions lead to one point/entry each and will improve your chances in the Random. Org draw scheduled for 16-10-2010. Last but not the least, leave a valuable comment here with links to all your entries.

Thanks to iolo technologies for offering us three more System Mechanic 10 Professional licenses.  Now we have  four System Mechanic Professional serial numbers ( 3-PC license) worth  $ 200 in our hand. Participate and win your copy.

Update: System Mechanic 10 winners are achu, Nathan, Frankie and Luchriste. Please contact us to get your key.

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140 thoughts on “System Mechanic Pro serial key giveaway and review

  1. Iolo system mechanic is a great utility which everyone must have on their computers ,It is the best software i have ever used.
    It really speeds up the system by scanning and fixing the problems that are slowing down my pc.It removes junk files, registry errors, vulnerable system security settings, and other PC problem automatically.
    It also has a privacy eraser which clean all your surf traces over the net and its file recovery Action is the best .
    It also get periodic virus definitions and PC tune up settings through live update services.
    It is a world class product and i really want it.

    I hope i won a free license…….

  2. Seems that you have copied a little bit from the article :D. Anyways all the best, spread the news through Twitter or Facebook and increase your chances.

  3. For the last two years I am using this System Mechanic 9 Pro version and never had a problem with my pc. recently extended the time till to Mar 2012 for system Mechanic only. If I could get the license of this System Mechnaic Pro then it will be a great use for me. And more to say System Mechnic Pro has additional feature such as anti virus check facility, hence no need to add any antivirus software. Thus I am interested in getting the the System Mechanic Pro 10 licence key.

  4. Since from October 2008 I am using System Mechanic Pro 9, till date I never had a problem with my PC. Most of the time I use to test the new software available on the net. I could get the System Pro 10 license from you then it will be grate help, thus i can use the said software continuesly for another one year. I prefer System Mechanic 10 as the number one comparing with others.

  5. System Mechanic Pro is the most advanced system “toolbox” I have ever seen! After a quick optimization, my pc was nice and fast. I’m very, very, impressed with the definition library of System Mechanic too!

  6. I found this program a maximum! Very easy its use. Later that I used, I felt differences! Very good. thanks

  7. System Mechanic Pro looks like its a great tool to help PC protection. Cant wait to get a serial key, activate and protect my pc !

  8. I just downloaded the trial version of system mechanic pro edition 10. This program works great. It fixes all the stuff that you would normally spend hours trying to do by yourself.

  9. System mechanic 10 pro is like a mechanic for my pc..My pc really need an overhaul right now.

  10. I would like to compare iolo and Sym 360.
    I heard that iolo anti-virus was not so fantastic for others.
    Just give me an opportunity to make my pc become comfortable.

  11. @MASA I am not sure, but I heard that Iolo is using the Kaspersky Antivirus engine in System Mechanic Professional. So a good antivirus+firewall+great PC tuneup, online backup, deleted data recovery, secure file deletion- isn’t that great?

  12. In my opinion System Mechanic is a good application because it gives the user the possibility of doing automated tasks, and a lot of these so called “tune up” tasks are really boring to do manually, yes I know that a lot of things you do using your computer are no fun at all (p.e. scripting and other routine things) but I’ll never grow tired of using shortcuts especially if I’ve a lot of work to do. But Sytem Mechanic is also one of the best application a common user can use (a person who is not familiar with the windows registry or the command line just to give two examples) and it prevents a Windows OS to have a short life, so I always recomend to give the trial version a try and then purchase the full version.

  13. System Mechanic is great software that has been around for many years and keeps up with all the changes that Microsoft offers to various Windows versions and improves them with performance and reliability. No other software can compete with system mechanic.

  14. I have used system mechanic before and have missed It since my license ran out,I would love the chance to win a license.Thanks

  15. hy techknowl ,
    System Mechanic is Powerful utility.
    and please count me in this giveaway.

  16. In my opinion, system mechanic is a good application. Many tools in just one package! vote for this. Please conut me in for this giveaway.

  17. I’d used System Mechanic years ago, way back in the Win 98 days; for some reason I stopped using it, but recently “found it” again. It’s a great program that keeps your computer humming along. I loved the new “Gadget” feature on my desktop…all I have to do is click on it and it cleans my computer beautifully.
    Hope I win a licence for the new version.

  18. I hope I can still get one of your license key. I think System Mechanic is the best tool for windows optimizing. Thanks.

  19. This is a great program. Since installing it (trial version) my computer runs like clockwork.

  20. I tried the program and I think that System Mechanic is just the best tool on it’s class.

    Something that I’d like to see in the next version of System Mechanic is a graphic disk usage browser wich can be used to quickly find out how a partition’s space is distributed among the file system hierarchy.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. System Mechanic is one of the best Windows optimization software. I have read so many tutorials and all that could be used to speed and customize my PC, but I always prefer software like System Mechanic that do all automatically. To be frank, I was using a priated old version of System Mechanic in my PC. I stopped upgrading to new System Mechanic versions after they started online activations. I request you to give me one System Mechanic 10 activation key. Thanks

  22. I have used SM since version 5 and it has never let me down… It seems to know your own computer very well it is like a friend. A nurse for your pc…

  23. is my email. Please, My computer really needs help. Registry Mechanic didn’t help. Does this software have a working trial? I get paid on the 15th or I would buy it now but unfortnefanetly, I somehow got infected by someone who has Tuberculosis. So I went to Beth Israel in New York City and the next thing I know they lock me in a room with special ventilation. I should be fine but I don’t feel like it.
    I think it is very kind of you to offer to give this away. I never get lucky but I deserve it this time. Just once in my life. Thank you and best regards no matyer what.

    Best personal reagards, Drew A. Gutman 718-897-5585

  24. For many years I have done all my tweaking by hand, and considered it “Professional Pride” that though I recommended System Mechanic, it was for my customers, not for me.

    Earlier this year, however, a computer was giving me all sorts of grief. After a weekend of no results, I decided to let System Mechanic do the work and see what it came up with. I quickly found I was wasting my weekend (and probably a great deal longer in total). System Mechanic found and resolved a good number of issues, and has stopped me from pulling out the hair I have left.

    Solid product, with real results.


  25. Sounds like a wonderful application. Ideal for a tech. retard like me.
    Please include me in this giveaway !

  26. Iolo technology is a great compagnie that system mechanic 10 pro has realeased, it works perfectly.

  27. System Mechanic Pro 10 has a lot of new improved features. Currently using the trial version today.

  28. hi i don’t have a single tuneup in my system, so i would be very grateful if i can get this key, i don’t have the financial backing to buy the full version.

  29. I want one these System mechanic keys because this software is very impressive…

    P.S I don’t have any account in “social community” but i hope you include me in this giveaway!!!


  30. I am impresed with the spped and ease with which system mechanic optimized my PC. It keeps it at its best without any efforts. I am enjoying my and fast PC since I installed System Mechanic

  31. i ,i have used trial version of system mechanic professional and i experience the new technology used in this software . this make the pc more then the new one plese send me the full license key of this software so that i can enjoy its exciting mind boglling features thanks for this tremendous opportunity of license give away please sure send me the license key ………………..thanks a lot .it sovery best. thank you

  32. I would be very happy to be part of this give-away. Am looking looking forward to using this product again.

  33. i have used many software s but this is a unique one but not somuch without a licence key so please send me a licence key so that i can take the bliss of using this

  34. The winners of System Mechanic 10 giveaway are achu, Nathan, Frankie and Luchriste. Please contact us to get your key.

  35. i’v been using system mechanic since its version 6 application and ands really does a hell of a job in speeding up my pc. hope i can have a license subscription for this new system emchanic 10. thanks admin!

  36. system mechanic is the best for all regular PC home users who do not know how to speed up their system and protect it.The dll defrager is great.

  37. i’ve been a gr8 fan of system mechanic for the last 6 yrs…..its a gr8 software…it’s the best PC accelerating and repairing utility…

  38. Thanks Admin.
    Congrats to all winners.
    I’m happy that I’am one of the winners.
    Please send SM 10 Pro key to my email A/C.
    Thanks, All the Best !

  39. Winners please check the spam folder in your email account in case you missed the license details.

  40. Nice and great software !
    I would like to try this version 10 and for it please send the key as above mentioned.
    Thks and all the best for all.

  41. System mechanic 10 is one of the best PC repairing tool in the world.
    It repairs almost every PC registrations or temporary files or applications which are not necessary.

  42. system mechanic is the best software if u want to have ur pc run like a ferrari car …….works great

  43. I’m a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and I know systems in and out. The first (and really only) software I recommend to users to keep their systems tuned up is Iolo System Mechanic. Version 10 pro has some really nice additive feartures including optimizing my most frequently used apps. Its footprint on the system has gotten much lighter over the past few years and deserves PC Magazine’s Editors Choice! Good going Iolo!

  44. Great program with really nice layout and easy to use!! It fixed all my laptop problems
    Good work Iolo!!
    please send the key as above mentioned…..

  45. I started with system mechanic 3, and worked my way thru all the versions, my registration ran out sys 9 pro, and due to financial circumstance cant renew it.

    I reformatted my comps and didnt install again as its out of licence.

    I feel so lost without my sys mech on my comps .

    I loved it as it cleans all my crap with pc total care, love the memory mechanic, as I can recover ram as I need it.

    I have tried other programs, but with system mechanic pro u dont need them, as it does it all.

    I used to have speedy clean comps, now its a struggle with the free programs to get the same results as I did with System Mechanic pro.

    None of them come close.


  46. This is the best, nothing compares with system mechanic pro, the future has arrived so hop on board and take the ride to freedom…

  47. System Mechanic 10 Pro is best PC system utilities software…
    must have…
    i hope that will recive serial on my email…

  48. This is the ultimate program to clean, optimize and speed up my pc… never cam across a program as good as System Mechanic. It is simply the best!!!!:):):)

  49. Worth the money!
    Fast and intuitive interface. Slick appearance. GUI outstanding.
    I have been a user of iolo’s System Mechanic since I picked up a copy of SM4 on sale at my local Walmart. Every time they came out with a new iteration, I’d try it before I bought it. With SM 10… WOW! I was impressed with everything they did with it. The new toolset blew me away. I have used several other programs in a similar vein, but not one even comes close. iolo & SM has one happy customer on their hands!

  50. I use advanced system optimizer
    and system mechanic ( trial version)
    after then i will decide for one of this 2 programs…

  51. I like this system mechanic , it works great and it has everything to keep my computer run smoothly. i had this software ever since i had my first laptop. please send me the key for the system mechanic 10 pro. t


  53. I been a user of System Mechanic software, and been very pleased with it. I would love to get the activation serial key giveaway as well. My 30 day trial time as ran out, so would appreciate it. Thank you.

  54. I downloaded the copy and tried. I liked this tool. It would be nice if you can give me the license key

  55. Best of the best mechanic for your computer. I kept on using the free trial for nearly 2 years. No other programes can beat this one. I’m very satisfied . . System Mechanic 10 is more advance than before. I’m going to use it forever (even with the free trial).

  56. Just recently tried System Mechanic 10 trial. Works perfectly, speeds up my computer so much it hurts! Will continue to useas long as it exists.

  57. K.I.S.S. – keep it simple stupid and System Mechanic 10 does that with finesse. With the push of a button you can have the software analyze your computer system and repairs windows problems that are slowing your computer down. This works with the latest version of Windows as well as the older ones. I particularly like the ALL-IN-ONE tools section of the software which will help you to custom speed your computer geared to wards how you use yours.

    Free up memory, hard drive space, speed up your INTERNET, and get rid of the lag you might be experiencing on your system.

    Great Product three thumbs up.

  58. I would love to get System mechanic 10 Pro on my system. I am currently running Security 360 pro and Advanced System Care pro both from Iobit and they have made a huge difference to the performance of my PC. Hope I win a key for this great software package.

    Thanks in advance guys.

    I will spread the word on facebook.

  59. HI Everyone, system mechanic pro is a very gud software for pc users from Iolo technologies… Im using it since 2 years and I recommend everyone to use it…

  60. Yes, I think its great to be included in the free system mechanic 10 PRO activation serial key giveaway. Thanks i used the 30 day trial, so this is a great way to con’t receiving this service. Thanks again
    How do i claim the serial key giveaway?

  61. Well I have just installed it and so far so good. System Mechanic quickly found problems with the registry, unused files, temp files, tweaked up the internet connection and a few other things.
    I like it so far, I’m sure I will continue to use it.

  62. Please give me the activation key for System Mechanic 10 Pro. I love this tool program too……Thanks a lot and best regards……from me.

  63. this software is apparently the best in all the utilities/tune-up. please send me the activation code

  64. well ,I have tried norton 360 .but i will recomend to all friends & no friends to go whith system mechanic is just the best it really speed up your computer,norton do not have all the futures system mechanic have .

  65. system mechanic is a great utility which everyone must have on their computers ,It is the best software i have ever used.

  66. it`s really fixes all registery problems & start up & everything that needs to be fixed to speed up my pc !

  67. personally speaking i think it is one of the best tuneup software in the market, infact the distance it gives other software is like the distance between the earth and the stars in terms of performance. For sure it is one in a trillion.

  68. Hi,
    I live in Cuba, there’s no chance for me to get the activation code. I built myself a computer, gathering pieces of broken PC’s so System Mechanic is like air for my hybrid computer. After a whole day (connection here is horrible) I could download the software; well, it is fabulous, so if someone can send me the code to my mail will win a loyal friend forever.
    My email is :

  69. I love the way this works. The first time I used it I was blown away. It worked so well detailing all the information as it performed. System Mechanic 5, 7 and now 10 are great. But, the professional is more comprehensive. IT makes up for all the other software I’ve installed. They may be in the same category; But, not the same class. I have the System Mechanic 10, newly upgraded of course. And now it is better than ever

  70. I have used 2 previous versions the latest being system mechanic 7. Although this is dated it carries on cleaning my computers to a very satisfactory level. I am interested in this new version 10 as it boasts of additional deep cleaners which proves yet again that the IOLO engineers are the best in the trade. Fantastic system! if anyone has any doubts about the ability of its programs you have nothing to fear. Money well spent.

  71. hey this is a grate to tool to enhance the performance of the system !! try it it cleans ur registry and also keeps ur system in good health 😀

  72. I hope if this is true , I am verymuch eagar to use SM10 instead of any identical software.

    Pl. issue the free key to in corporate SM10 in my machine.

  73. I have a friend who uses system mechanic 9 and loves it. I am excited to start using this for my system.


  74. I have used System Mechanic now since the the early versions ,I have tried others but keep coming back to it as it is excellent and user friendly.

  75. I have paid for machanic 10 $39.95. with visa 4 hour ago I am still waiting to
    receive mechanic 10 The order was #11111153252190 Then someone change
    the# to 3232578886. I will stop the visa charge if I don’t hear from you in the next
    3 hours.
    R Gutkowski

  76. been using it since it came on my Dell Laptop with an other name ,as a 70 year old I needed something that was idiot proof (self explanotry) and this is definitely top notch,easy to use and does everything you require I am ofcourse talking about System Mechanic 9 and 10 which I hve purchased over a number of years and on my smalltop it is paid up until 2012 but I will put pro onto my big laptop if I am successful

    with My Regards


  77. yes great idea for system mechanic pro give away i have used older version before and they really do make the pc run very smoothly with no bugs

  78. hy techknowl ,
    System Mechanic is Powerful utility.
    and please count me in this giveaway.

  79. I have used System Mechanic few years ago in thw Windows 2000 days, it was very useful. Now I had problems with Windows XP so I decided to use the evaluation copy of ver 10 which as expected worked fantastically. I got rid of all major issues. I would like to regularly use the System Mechanic.

  80. i’m very happy with system mechanic 10’s performance. i dont want anything else to keep my pc clean. it’s running great and has been for a long time. it’s easy. i set to run a clean up and leave the house and it shuts my pc down for me when it’s done. i love that!

  81. this is nice software and very usefull to boost pc performance… i will recomend this to all my friends to try this one

  82. It just adds a booster rocket to your PC. Amongst the best software i have ever used Slick, Simple & easy.


  83. I really rate this software, having tested other similar products there is only one that is comparable……..which I’m not going mention here as it’d negate this positive review!

  84. I need it desperately because its really an all in one pc mechanic and will definitely help me to fit my PC’s health. Thanx a lot.

  85. System mechanic is the most trusted name in fixing up continuous errors in my PC as I see in its trial version,but I need the full version to get the outmost of its features…Thank You

  86. I’ve been looking for tools to fix my Windows problems, searching in internet I found this post and System Mechanics seems to great, so I just want to try it, I will put comments of my forward experiences…


  87. its one of the best PC maintainence software i have ever come accross. i v been usng it for last 3 years and its simply amazing.!! thnx again.

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