Speed up Windows 7

We have already written few articles to speed up Windows 7 through registry tweaks and other numerous other settings which removes unwanted services.

Speed up Windows 7

Here we are adding few more tips to this list that will definitely speed up Windows 7 to a grater performance .

1. Remove unwanted fonts and speed up Windows 7 .

Fonts usually takes a lot of time during the  Windows boot load time . So you can remove unwanted fonts from your control panel and speed up windows 7 .

2.Speed up Windows 7 by proper defragmentation :

Windows has its own tools to defrag the files ,drives  and folders . Defragment arranges the files in a such a way that it keep the most used files to the outer core of the file system. If you want you can download a full version of Ashampoo Winoptimizer that includes an advanced system defragmenter .

3.Speed up Windows 7 by removing unwanted startup programs .

Many programs automatically set them to start with Windows and thereby reducing the system speed to a large level .You can disable autostart of these programs from msconfig menu in Windows 7. Press Win+R and enter msconfig and then select startup . Here you will find many application that will start with Windows 7 .Remove all those programs expect antivirus software module like AVP (Kaspersky) .

4.Speed up Windows 7 by removing registry errors and unwanted files .

So many registry entries and unwanted files created when a Windows software is installed or uninstalled . So these unwanted entries accumulate and slow down a Windows computer .You can use freeware or shareware Windows utilities to fix these problems .

Download ccleaner

5. Use boot using multiple processor options to speed up Windows 7 .

In computers with 2 or more cores ,we can use these multi core functionality to speed up Windows 7 .Just like as in step 3 , open msconfig and select boot options . Click on advanced options and select the number of processors as 2 .

6. Disable boot time  Graphical User interface and speed up Windows 7 .

Open msconfig and select boot options. Check the option noGUIboot .

7 .Disable Windows boot time sounds from control panel and speed up Windows 7 .

8. Don’t change Windows boot screen and logon screen .

Apply these tips . You would see a dramatic increase in your PC with Windows 7 installed .

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