Speed up internet explorer 8

Speed up internet explorer 8 Microsoft’s internet explorer is one of the mostly used browser with more than 50 % market share .Internet explorer is slightly slow when compared with other browsers like Mozilla ,Chrome etc . And older versions ,especially internet explore 6 produces incompatibility issues with many websites . But still people prefer internet explorer as its bundled with Windows  .The latest version ,Internet explorer 8 has few new features , but speed is still axed by numerous internal settings . So here we have some tips to improve browsing speed in Windows and internet explorer 8 .

Old Windows hacks to improve internet speed is too applicable for internet explorer 8 .

Speed up internet explorer 8 by registry file :

Earlier in our article to speed up Firefox ,we used a technique to increase the maximum simultaneous internet connections to improve speed .The same method can be used here .
Download registry file , double click and add it to Windows registry . Now restart internet explorer 8 , you would notice a slight improvement in speed if you are using broadband .

Use software to tune TCP/IP settings and speed up internet explorer:
Onspeed is software designed for improving general internet speed in Windows based computers  We have already  shared a method to get full version of Onspeed here .

Adjust general settings to speed up internet explorer 8:

If you have good antivirus software, you may turn off SmartScreen filter in internet explorer 8 . This will avoid the slight delay in comparing a site with default list of phishing websites in Microsoft servers .

How to do this : After installation , go to tools >you will see a message box for internet explorer 8 setup .

Click on next > Select to turnoff suggested sites  >Choose custom settings > Show me more providers(If you want to set Google as your search engine ) >No I don’t want to download updates > Turn off all accelerators > Turnoff SmartScreen filter > Do not download updates .

Configure multimedia options to speed up internet explorer 8 .

Open internet options from tools >Go to advanced and select multimedia . Here unpick use cleartype for HTML , play animations and play sounds .

Disable unwanted addons to speed up internet explorer 8 :

Addons consumes extra bandwidth and memory in internet explorer 8. You may turn off Windows messenger and other other unwanted IE addons .

Go to tools and select manage addons .
Right click each one and get details information for classification .

ope these methods improve browsing speed in Windows and internet explorer 8 .


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