Speed up copy- paste in Windows

You might have noticed in Windows that when we use copy -paste ,the files are transfered only when the operation completed without any interruption . So if something happens in between , the copy process should be restarted .Fastcopy is a light weight software that can speed up copy- paste in Windows.


Fastcopy can copy a file from one location to another at speed 30% -50% greater than the normal speed of a PC .It ingrates itself to the context menu for making it simpler .

Another important feature of Fastcopy is its ability to copy files from CD’s or DVD ‘s with scratches and errors . It will sort out the maximum possible files from these disks and copies them double faster than Windows .

Fastcopy is only 200KB and its a freeware .

Download Fastcopy and speed up copy- paste in Windows .

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2 thoughts on “Speed up copy- paste in Windows

  1. it is good software for coping and pasing. We can do fast copy and paste data with compared to windows.

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