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Christmas  is on its way, and many bloggers are now changing their templates and themes to welcome the holiday season. If you are on Google Blogger platform, you may use the Christmas Blogger template that we shared last week. We also have a set of Christmas graphics and images in this page. Now in this article, we will show to how to enable falling snow effect or Snowflakes in your Blogger or WordPress blog.

falling snowflakes

Enable Snowflakes in Blogger:

In Blogger, open your blogs design section and then edit HTML.

Now search for </body> tag and place this JavaScript code just above that section.

<script src="https://www.techknowl.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/snowflakes.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Save and refresh the blog page. You will see the snowflakes falling from top section of your blog. You can customize the number, color and speed of the snow flakes by changing the JavaScript parameters. Download the JS file and edit the following sections.

var num = 60; //controls the number of flakes
var timer = 20;//controls the speed of flakes

How to add falling slow effect in a WordPress blog:

In your WordPress blog, move to widgets from the Appearance tab. Now drag Text widget to any suitable location and paste the JavaScript code inside that. That’s it, you have added Snowflakes in WordPress blog.

Happy Holidays, enjoy 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Enable Snowflakes in Blogger or WordPress blog

  1. Can you tell me how to make a snowflakes email?
    Someone once sent one to me and I used it by forwarding, but now the flakes don’t move.

  2. Hmmm…can’t get this to work. I’m new at this so, maybe I’m putting it in the wrong place!? Thanks, though, sounds cool!

  3. this is making my browser freeze/be slow, and the snow itself is very choppy. help please? i did it in blogger.

  4. In wordpress there is an option to tick to turn snow on now… you dont need to add any script.
    Appearance > Extras > Snow Falling on blog

    Will turn off 4th Jan too

  5. Same here, Shannon. It made my blog lag a bit.. so I had no choice but to remove it .. but the effect was beautiful.. even better than the script by Kurt Grigg, actually..

  6. Hello there! I putted the code in the right place, but it never worked. I will take the code away now because it’s making the uploading of my blog very slow, at least I beleive that is the problem.

  7. Hello again! Now when I went to take the code away I saw that my ends with type=”text/javascript”> and the last part of the code is standing above the beginning of the code (<script src="http:/). I don't know how that happened, so I guess that is why it never worked.
    I don't know much of these things. Can it be that the end of the code is missing and that
    was written there from before? If I want to take the code away, do I delete this
    or not? Thanks and sorry!

  8. This may be digital snow – but it is a kind that freezes up blogs!
    Mine looked nice in preview, but it froze the screen with the code added so I had to remove it. Maybe the code could be improved upon?

  9. Awesome!!! This is something I’ve been trying to do for a long time, like many others. I’m sure blogger blogs will rate higher now this is available. Thanks for the great tips.. Keep it up!

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