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A few software like Skype designed for the Windows platform sends an online installer when a user downloads it from official websites. Then the customer has to re-download the full version of the software by running the online installer and connecting it to an internet source. However, Skype and most of the other companies who use this method also have an offline installer which they hide from the main pages. When there is Skype full installer or the standalone setup file, you no loner need to download the Skype multiple times; you may save the data and time.

Skype full installer: Download offline setup file.

Microsoft currently develops and promotes Skype and the latest release of the software for Windows is The company actively promotes the Skype online installer which install browser toolbars and other supporting files for Skype to work, which however is not a must for most of the users. The offline Skype installation works just like the other way and you may download addons at any time.

We have collected the direct link to Microsoft website for Skype full installer

Just click or copy-paste this link on your browser and it will download the application in no time.

Once you download, copy the Skype installer (EXE) to a pendrive to distribute it to your other computers. It’s easy isn’t it?

Finally. one disadvantage of downloading the Skype standalone setup is that you won’t get automatic updates. However, it is easy to check Skype updates from the help menu within the software.

I’m on a different OS. How to download Skype?

Skype works on Mac, Linux, Android and iPhone (iOS) apart from Microsoft Operating systems. Check the following link for most-up-to-date Skype installers on all platforms.

Download Skype Installer for Mac OS & Windows 10

A new version 8.0 is currently under development and we expect a stable release in 2018.

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