Shrink PPT and DOC files to 98% without loosing quality

A German firm Balesio offers a software called PPTminimizer that can shrink PPT(Microsoft office Power Point ) and DOC ( Microsoft word 2003 ) documents to about 98% of its size. There are about four modes of conversion and in each case the quality of the converted file is almost same as the original file. Webmasters and Bloggers can easily upload these files their servers as they consume only a very small bandwidth and web space. Unlike Winzip, Winrar and other conventional tools, these files are not achieved or converted into other formats. So the converted PPT and DOC files can be directly opened in slide projectors and Office document readers. The reduced file size makes it easy for you carry them files in USB drives and even on mobile phones.

Other features:
Inbuilt search functionality can check your computer and connected networks for PowerPoint and Word files.
An outlook addon that can be used to convert PPT and DOC attachments.
If you are a PC adviser reader, you can get a  full legal version of PPTminimizer, here.

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