HTML and JavaScript inside blogger posts using custom display boxes

It is very difficult for anyone using the Blogger blog platform to display or show HTML codes and JavaScript inside the blog posts. However, you might have seen some blogs displaying
scripts in small display boxes of fixed length and width. Check the following Blogger trick, you would be also able to show HTML and JavaScript inside Blogger posts with custom display boxes.

Click on the layout of the blog in which want show HTML or JavaScript and now select edit HTML.
Before you apply any Blogger hack, remember to download and save your full template.
Now tick the expand widget templates and move onto the selection shown below ( at the end of CSS code ).

HTML and JavaScript inside blogger posts using custom display boxes
Otherwise,  press Cntrl+F and paste ]]></b:skin> in the browser search box to find this section.
Paste the following CSS code above that line.

pre{background:#efefef;border:1px solid #A6B0BF;font-size:120%;line-height:100%;overflow:auto;padding:10px;color:#000000 }pre:hover {border:1px solid #efefef;}code {font-size:120%;text-align:left;margin:0;padding:0;color: #000000;}.clear { clear:both;overflow:hidden;}

The above code is for drawing a display box inside the Blogger post to show HTML and JavaScript.You can change the length ,width ,size and color of the box , back ground image etc. by editing the CSS code. After adding this code you can call the display box anytime into your post by following next step.

“your HTML or JAVA script”

In Blogger in draft , there would be a problem with this HTML and JavaScript display box . For fixing that,
Expand Post options from the Blogger text editor ( On the bottom left corner ) . From the compose settings, select Interpret typed HTML . Now everything would appear fine .

Before you add “your HTML or JAVA script ” make it post friendly by following this link
Inside the box provided paste the script and click make it friendly
Now copy the generated code and paste between <pre> & </pre> to keep it inside display box

Making the script postable is the only requirement if you plan to show the HTML or Java Script alone , without a display box.

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  1. well, i found that some script/ html code/ css code couldn’t be put iside blogger posts by using your trick..
    any idea about how to deal with it??

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