Show adsense ads in Blogger posts

People using Blogger blogs can show up to 3 Adsense ads in between posts .Make sure that ads are not placed below post title as they are against adsense TOS .
Here’s how you can do this ,
From dashboard , open the target blog’s layout and click on edit for Blog Posts . A new window will open as shown below.
Show adsense  ads in Blogger postsClick on show Ads Between Posts. Now you have to enter your adsense email and details on the following form .
Show adsense  ads in Blogger posts
After singing in , they will send you a verification email to provide access for Adesnse in Blogger .
Verify email and return to show ads between posts menu . Choose the suitable color and format of your ad and save your template .

Note :Find out how you can choose matching color for your adsense ad titles and background

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