Send free online fax to US Canada and India

Send free internet fax to US Canada and IndiaFax is a communication service probably older than internet .But increased popularity of internet and email is hindering people from using Fax in these days. Then who else is using Fax ?? .Actually we require Fax services when submitting formal complaints to government firms ,dealing with DCMA issues and for websites like Adbrite ,Paypal,CJ etc.So here we have compiled a list of online services offering free fax to USA,Canada,India and other countries worldwide .

Send free online fax to US Canada and India

Online faxing is usually ad supported , but are completely free . Free Fax services also offers payed upgrades which lets you to send fax for few cents . Few websites allow sending and receiving of fax through email ID .

send free online fax US faxzero

Faxzero : Faxzero supports free internet faxing over US and Canada . The service is ad supported ,and the cover will contain advertisements . Documents in PDF and DOC formats are supported . Currently the no: of pages in fax is limited to three and the number of faxes to two for free accounts .

send free fax to US with : is a web 2.0 service that lets us to share files online using phone ,fax , email  and web in real time  .Included phone option can be used to send free internet fax to any number in US . Just select a required user name , select  DOC , PDF or any other supported document file and drop  .

send free fax to US using efax internet service

eFAx : eFax is one step ahead than those discussed above  , the service can both send and receive free online faxes . Create an eFAx account , then they will assign a special fax number to the registered email ID .This number can be used whenever opting for an incoming fax .Outgoing faxes can be mailed as an attachment in a the form faxnumber@efaxsendcom . eFAx delivery is limited to US ,Canada and some other European countries .

Send free fax to US ,India and Canada using freeFax : freeFAx as the name indicates is a completely free and ad supported service . This service can be used to send free faxes allover the world including India ,US and Canada . There is no limitation in number of fax pages , but the front page will contain advertisements . freeFAx sets a virtual fax number to each account holder , so that they will be able to receive incoming fax messages on their email .

There are hundreds of free internet services to fax  US Canada and India . Discussing more services with same features is pointless . Ain’t??

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  1. I have been using internet fax services for approximately two years now and I absolutely recommend that you give it a try for yourself. It is convenient, easy to use and saves time and money. I now am virtually paperless and this hands down was the main reason for me deciding to switch from the old fax machine methods. There are many companies that offer free trials so it makes it easy for companies to decide if this is something that would work well for them.


    Superfax is a new generation Internet Based Online Fax Solution that provides you the flexibility to send and receive faxes directly through email.No need of fax machine/telephone line /papers/ink/access anywhere in the world.

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