RSS feed slide show themes in Windows 7

I hope you know to create slide shows and themes in Windows 7 desktop . These slide shows  make use of a set of specified wallpapers from PC . There is a new feature in Windows 7 that could be used to specify RSS feeds for desktop slide shows . So you could use your Flickr or  other RSS streams to build a slide show theme in Windows 7 .


The default Windows 7 slide show section for techknowl theme . (If I am using a set of wallpapers as sideshow )
Eg:  techknowl.theme







If you replace it with an RSS feeds .





Check out thispage to know more about theme structure in Windows 7.
You can read this article create windows 7 themes . After creating a .theme file , open it using a text file and change the above parameters .

After RSS feed theme installation , it would take certain time to load all the files from internet . The current build of Windows 7 has some problems related with the feed refresh time and RSS feed option in personalization control panel .This would get fixed in upcoming releases . has created few  RSS feed slide show themes in Windows 7 using high quality Flickr photo feeds .


Enjoy RSS feed slide show themes in Windows 7 .

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