Revolution Church and Lifestyle Blogger templates

Revolution series of  WordPress themes were developed by Brian Gardner and the Revolution team . These themes went open source after Brian’s announcement on  late October . Now they can be downloaded at Revolution theme’s website for free of charge .
Revolution magazine style  themes crunch and lifestyle were converted into Blogger templates and here I am republishing those templates with few customizations . They are three column fixed width Blogger templates . Both Church and Lifestyle are  professional looking Blogger templates with two CSS drop down menus . Unfortunately , these drop down menus doesn’t work with any versions of Internet explorer. Featured content option from the original Revolution WordPress theme was removed for adapting with Blogger .

Revolution Crunch Blogger template :

There are two navigational bars .

Top navigation bar can be customized by searching for the following section in your template code . Press Cntrl+ F and search for the code start line  <div id=’NavbarMenuleft’> .In the menu sample page , there is drop down menu and a sub menu for each member .This is the code strip for sample page  <a href=’#’>Sample Page</a> . Change the # symbol with the required URL . Similarly you can change the sub menu <a href=’#’>Sub Page #1</a> and its sub menu <li><a href=’#’>Sub Sub Page #1</a></li> , in each case . For changing bottom navigation bar , you have to search for  <div id=’subnavbar’> .Now change the sub menus as discussed above .

Download Revolution church Blogger template

I am using a customized version of Revolution church Blogger template . So if you want to know more about adding a logo , advertising and  widgets pattern found here , please ask in the comment section .

Revolution  Lifestyle Blogger template

You can customize Revolution Lifestyle Blogger template  in similar way as that of the Revolution church template . After uploading the template , search for text adsense . Parse your adsense code and paste it to the two available locations . A custom made logo can also be used with Revolution Lifestyle Blogger template .
Download Revolution Lifestyle Blogger template

You can Change the Adesense code by this method : insert adsense in Blogger posts
( Here you will have to search a CSS selector term gapad and change the associated
adsense code) .

Here is another set of Revolution Blogger templates
Revolution code Red
Revolution code Green
Revolution code Blue
available here

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8 thoughts on “Revolution Church and Lifestyle Blogger templates

  1. could you please help me edit the menu on top of my blog.. I just change my template today but I can't seem to see on the layout an option to change the menus on top.. my blog is located at

  2. daily venture you need to go to edit layout then html and search for "sample page" from there edit your top menu

  3. Hi people want to express my satisfaction with this blog very creative and I really like the views of the focus very good indeed

  4. Would you please translate your blog into Italian as I’m not very comfortable reading it in English? I’m getting tired of using Google Translate all the time, there is a handy WP plugin called like global translator which will render all your pages by default- this will make reading posts on your great blog even more comfortable. Cheers mate, Charlette Bloczynski!

  5. Where can I edit colors, fonts etc for the post, post-footer, and comments area. When I try to use the WYSIWYG editor in blogger it does not load properly so I cannot make any edits there.

    Searching the code, I can not seem to locate the css code to change these areas, also coming up empty handed when looking in the expand widgets templates code. Any help woul be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  6. How to add a comment form like the one that is running in your blog? I would like to install one similar to this in my blog and I use the same theme!!!

  7. I’m using Lifestyle Revolution and have just discovered an issue in IE8 – all of my posts and post category pages have calendar images scattered across them and I have no idea why. I use Chrome/FF but most of my visitors are using internet explorer 8 so I’d like to get it sorted ASAP but don’t know where to start.

    Please help!!


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