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Jailbreaking is a method that allow iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users to install non-Apple approved applications in their device. It also necessary to Jailbreak iPhone and iPad for carrier unlock process. A Jailbreak will install Cydia, an alternate app store in the device that has several paid and free apps.  Cydia can also be used to unlock hidden feature of in iOS devices. Apple usually release iOS software updates to fix the holes that are being used by hackers to jailbreak and unlock. And the Dev-team release new jailbreak and unlock tool after each new iOS release.The problem here for the users is that each time after a jailbreak, they need to search and find their Cydia apps and re-install them again. So here is how you can Restore Cydia packages from backup after iOS jailbreak for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Restore Cydia apps after jailbreak

In iTunes there is an option to backup iOS application settings and restore them after each update. The  same feature can be used in jailbroken iPhone, iPod and iPad using a Cydia package called PkgBackup.  You can search and install PkgBackup from Cydia – utilities category. It costs $3.5 for one piece, but worth for the money if you are frequent jailbreaker or unlocker.

Backup Cydia applications:

Open PkgBackup from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad  Springboard. It will show all Cydia apps and packages in numbers and under that, there will be a button backup. You can also opt to save your current Springboard layout in the backup. Now open iTunes and from the left pane, select your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad> right click and backup.



Restore Cydia applications:

Now after a new iOS ipsw upgrade and jailbreak you will see  Cydia again in your Springboard. Open iTunes and sync the Cydia backup to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Install PkgBackup from the store and open it.  As shown above, you will see the number of applications in the previous backup. Click on the blue button to install them separately or just hit the restore option to do that in a single step. Reboot and you are done.

There is a manual method to backup the Cydia applications list to a file and use that to download all packages in a single shot after a new jailbreak. You may also find some other tools in the Cydia store the does the backup and restore for free. But if you are looking for a simple and hassle-free Cydia  backup tool, PkgBackup would be the best option.

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