Remove Autorun virus

Autorun.inf is a text file which instruct Windows about the execution priority when an operation is performed . Autorun command is associated with CDs ,DVDs, USB etc. If autorun.inf  is specified in a CD or DVD , Windows then reads and follows the specific instructions this file defines.
Autorun virus (Actually its a worm) manipulates the autorun.inf files . Autorun worm is capable of spreading through computer networks and USB disks . It will either replace or modify the existing settings in these devices . It is very difficult to remove autorun virus as it modifies many of the system settings . It will block access to internet , disable show hidden files and folders , blocks access to antivirus websites , disable msconfig etc .Formatting Windows will not work for the effective removal of autorun virus as the infection still exists in other hard disk partitions .

Autorun virus : Symptoms of infection

Hard disk autoplay
msconfig  disabled
Hidden files and folders disabled .

Remove Autorun virus

1.Get autorun virus removal tool here

2.Now Press Win+R and enter cmd open Windows command prompt .
Now we are about to list hard disk files from command prompt .
for C drive type dir c: /a/w

remove autorun virus

If Autorun virus is present , It will get listed as shown above . There would be many other files like onlinegames , kavo.exe,.vbs , Heap41a , newfolder.exe,.com, ppt.exe etc .

These files include read only, archive, system and hidden file attributes associated with them.
So in next step we will remove these restrictions from the above suspicious files .
attrib -s -h -r c:autorun.inf
or attrib -s -h -r c:autorun.vbs ( Change the hard disk partitions as required)

Now remove all those files associated with autorun virus using del instruction .

Del autorun.inf or Del kavo.exe ( repeat the procedure for all the files and hard drives )

Or you can automate the process by notepad

 dir c: /a/wattrib -s -h -r c:autorun.infdel autorun.inf

dir d: /a/wattrib -s -h -r d:autorun.infdel autorun.inf

dir e: /a/wattrib -s -h -r d:autorun.infdel autorun.inf

(Add the necessary hard disk partitions and files as per requirement ). Now copy the completed document in notepad and save as remove.bat . This file will remove all the autorun virus traces on execution .

After removing all the infected autorun virus files from hard drives , execute autorun virus removal tool on step 1 to remove further traces .

3. Repair registry to enable hidden files and folders .
Press Win+R and enter regedit . Now this will open the Windows registry . Move on to the following registration entries .

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >SOFTWARE>Microsoft>Windows>CurrentVersion>Explorer>Advanced>Folder>Hidden>SHOWALL

Autorun virus usually alter this registration entry . Double click on CheckedValue and enter value data as 1 .  Now you would be able to enable hidden files and folders .

4. Turn off autorun feature in Windows .
This will avoid the execution of existing autorun worms in a PC and also one on USBs and CDs .
Copy the following command in notepad and save as removeautorun.reg

REGEDIT5[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionIniFileMappingAutorun.inf]@=”@SYS:DoesNotExist”

5. Restart your PC for the complete removal of Autorun virus .

Now almost all antivirus softwares like Kaspersky , Norton , NOD32 will remove autorun virus species. So keep your antivirus updated .

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    i am greatful in joy to know your website that made me better
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  2. Here’s a three step method.

    The easiest way of removing the Autorun virus, on a pc or from a flash,

    Download a unlocker program, example Tizer unlocker.

    On windows show all hiden files, in you folder options.

    Search for the autorun file, it will look grayed out, then right click on the autorun file, and move you mouse to Tizer, there are three options, choose the delete option

    Thats it, it shoud be gone.

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