Reduce email feed subscription length in Blogger and WordPress

reduce feed length in blogger wordpress

Reduce feed length

Feed is the popular way of accessing content from regularly  updating websites and blogs. Bloggers get a bunch of returning visitors an alternative income channel by producing their content via feed readers and email subscriptions. Google Adsense ™ allows web publishers to place ads in feeds burned with Feedburner service. However, sometimes providing email subscription  can affect your search engine rankings and income. Content scrappers use the full feed of the site to build new auto posting blogs. Furthermore, the feed readers won’t be much interested in visiting the site if they are provided with full email feed. So providing only the summary of blog article is the best method to prevent these practices. Here in this post I will show how you can enable this feature in Blogger and WordPress platforms.

Reduce Email feed subscription length in Blogger :

From your Blogger dashboard, Go to the settings.
Now move on to the Site feeds. In Allow Blog Feeds option, select short of the drop down menu.
Henceforth your Email subscribers will be delivered with short summaries of the feed. So this could make them to visit the blog if the story is interesting. Furthermore, the sploggers will not be able to post the full site  feed to an auto updating the blog. Overall, the search engine rankings and earnings would be increased by using this method.

Reduce Email feed subscription length in WordPress:

The same can be enabled from WordPress dashboard.  For this go to the Reading Settings from option for Settings in WordPress. Now change the radio button associated with “For each article in a feed, show ” to summary.

Another tip: Nofollow your Feedburner feed to prevent it from getting indexed by search engines. There’s a chance for the feed to appear in multiple feed readers and collectors. So this could result in search engine penalization and non-impressive rankings. Those who use Google Feedburner can NoIndex their blog feed from Publicize menu of Feedburner Dashboard.

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