Redirect Blogger atom.XML feed to WordPress feed

Transfer Blogger .xml feed to WordPress feed

Blogger to WordPress

We first started our blog in Blogger and later transferred it to WordPress platform. Soon after that we have seen an improvement in web traffic and earnings. However, we noticed a drop in traffic from websites where we had submitted our old .xml feed. As you all might know, the feed URL in a Blogger blog is or (for custom domain). For a WordPress blog, the full blog feed URL is There are two major problems that would affect a transferred Blogger blog in this case. It will lose those readers subscribed to old feed address and also the traffic from blog directories where the .xml feed had submitted. Post Feed Redirect URL feature in Blogger is useful only in saving the subscriber list – the location of the atom.xml will remain 404 in WordPress.

Normally, all possible backlinks and traffic from directories for the atom.xml feed will stop at this point. We agree that you can change the feed URL again from dashboard, for certain services. But it may not be feasible if you had submitted the feed to a lot of  websites. So here  is how you can redirect Blogger atom.XML feed to WordPress feed using a plugin.

Redirection plugin for WordPress

Redirection plugin for WordPress

Open WordPress dashboard> Go to Plugins and click on add new plugin. Search for Redirection by John Godley and install that plugin from the list.

Now open the settings for Redirection plugin.

Redirect atom.xml to WordPress feed address

Redirect atom.xml to WordPress feed address

Enter Source URL as /atom.xml and Target URL as /feed and click on Add Redirection. Now onwards any website accessing your old atom.xml feed will be redirected the new WordPress feed location. You can check ours at

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  1. I was looking for this method. But I think you can implement such a redirection only in a Blogger custom domain. Is there is any workaround if we transfer directly from .blogspot to WordPress.

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