Recover files from scratched CD and DVD

Recover files from scratched CD DVDWe usually encounter situations when CD and DVD media get scratched due to misuse and rough usage . But its will become necessary to recover files from these scratched CDs or DVDs in needy situations . Here we have collected few Windows softwares that can recover music ,programs and documents from scratched CD and DVD media . Most of them are sharewares ,but they have freeware versions too .Recovering files from scratched CDs and DVDs requires lot of time and efforts . So make sure that you have enough RAM (at least 1GB ) to speed up the entire process .

Usual CD or DVD software ignores the bad sectors and produce errors while copying files from them . Also they stop copying if they encounter any errors in between . So we might loose data from entire disk due to scratches in one or two portions .  These scratch recovery softwares reads all possible sectors from magnetic media of CD/DVD or USB disks  and arranges them together to recover files from scratched areas . Clean target CD/DVD file with spirit or any other safe solution and dry throughly before applying the recovery process .

CDcheck: CDheck utility can recover music ,video ,documents ,programs and other media from CD and DVD . CDheck application is free for home use . And for business users there is a small charge associated .

CDcheck CD DVD recover software

Insert the target CD/DVD/USB disk > click on recover and select the target location . All recovered files will be moved to the target folder after completion of operation .

Download CDcheck .

CD Recovery Toolbox : CD Recovery Toolbox is an excellent tools to recover files from scratched CD ,DVD ,HD DVD  and Blue-Ray disks . Its a completely free software with excellent user interface and a wizard driven operation . we can exactly target the required file from options and easily recover them to a suitable location .

CD Recovery Toolbox

Download CD Recovery Toolbox .

BadCopy Pro : BadCopy Pro is one best software tool to copy inaccessible files from non responding  CD and DVD disks . It can sometime be used to copy files from protected media disks too . Unfortunately its a shareware software ,but available as a limited trial version .  This 800 KB application is one of the most trusted application in CD- DVD file recovery .

BadCopy Pro

First select the source > select the files to be recovered and the mode of recovery . Max speed option can be selected for disk with less errors .

Download BadCopy Pro and recover files from scratched CD ,DVD ,USB and Floppy disks .

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