Receive Orkut scraps by SMS free

Orkut has a feature for sending new scrap notifications by SMS. But Orkut SMS is a payed service and its charged as per the tariff rate of customer . Now here is free alternate method to receive Orkut scraps by SMS for free.

This is based on Google SMS channel which could be used to receive about 50 free SMS scrap book notifications per day . For this , first you have to get the feed URL of your Orkut scrap book . Feed URL for you Orkut profile can be fetched using a service Orkut feed .

receive free orkut scraps

Copy your Orkut scrapbook URL(Just click on the scrap book link from home page) and paste it as shown below .Now copy the generated Orkut scrap book feed URL .

Next task is to create an SMS channel for this Orkut scrap feed .
Go to this page , enter your user name and mobile number . Shortly you will receive a verification code sent to your mobile as SMS . After successful verification ,click on try now button from right side bar.

Google SMS channels

Give a suitable name and description for your Orkut SMS Channel .On the bottom portion , click on the radio button for feed . Now add your Orkut scrap feed into the box provided . Save the settings and your done . So next time when your Orkut scrap feed is updated , it will be sent through Google SMS channels to your mobile .This service completely free and without any advertisement.

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