QuickOffice for iPhone

QuickOffice  for iPhone QuickOffice,  popular Office client for Symbian is now available for iPhone . QuickOffice is known to be the ultimate tool for editing and creating Office documents like Word , Powerpoint and Excel in mobile devices . With the iPhone version , QuickOffice has became more advanced than in any other OS . Copy-paste-cut feature which was introduced in iPhone firmware 3 is available with QuickOffice for iPhone . Download QuickOffice  for iPhone 3G .

QuickOffice  for iPhone 3G:

Like in the Symbian version,  Office documents in QuickOffice  for iPhone 3G are  named as Quickword(Word) , Quickpoint(Power Point) , and Quicksheet (Excel)  .QuickOffice  for iPhone 3G can be used to view ,edit ,create and modify Microsoft Office 2000,2003 and 2007 documents .

QuickOffice  for iPhone Excel

QuickOffice for iPhone costs around 20$ and it worths for that pricing. As always, its available for download from iPhone app store .

Download QuickOffice  for iPhone.

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