Phishing site example from Digital Point Forums

Phishing is a kind of e-mail fraud scam conducted for the purposes of information or identity theft . Phishing site exactly looks like the original site in its color scheme , layout and design . Phishers generally imitates PayPal , bank sites, social networking sites etc. But i got shocked when i received the following PM in digital point webmaster forum.

Phishing site example

Clicking on the link forwarded me to this page.

Phishing site example ( Digital point phishing -Click to make it larger )
I was in an idle mode for few minutes . So i thought its because they are asking me to log in . It was surprised to know that returned nothing when i logged in . Then i checked the URL
Oh my gosh!!

I ran back to my CP In DP and changed my password and user name.
At the end of the story i reported the phisher to kaspersky , dp modertors , mozilla and symantec.

So be careful while reading emails leading you to a login page . Check out the URL before you enter a user name or password . Always look for identity information (Check if SSL is enabled or not) before using paypal , credit card payments , social networking sites etc.

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