Offline portable installer Google Chrome

Google Chrome offline installer was one of the hot topic on this blog during its infancy stage in October last year . At that time Google’s policy was not allowing us to install Chrome usingĀ  offline methods . But we managed to get offline installer for Google chrome by using installation log files and that post was one of the successful posts at that time . Recently Google changed some policies related with Chrome and now it can be downloaded just like the normal online installer . Here we also provide a special portable version of Google chrome with pre-installed scripts and themes .

Offline installer Google chrome .

Download offline installer for Google chrome from official website .

Portable version of Google Chrome .

Addons for Google chrome are on their initial stage of development . So for now have some scripts to enhance the functionalities of the browser .

This portable version of Google chrome contains pre-installed scripts to

Download videos from Youtube .
Block advertisement
Greasemonkey script installer .
Script to remove time delay limits inn Rapidshare .
Firefox theme for Google chrome .

Download portable version of Google chrome .

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