Music player with playlist for Blogger ,WordPress or any website

Yahoo music logoFew months back we here provided a code for embedding Flash mp3 player in static – dynamic websites and blog platforms like WordPress ,Blogger etc .This player stopped working and many users had already complained about this . Now here is another web based Flash Mp3 player which uses JavaScript from Yahoo media player to turn embedded media links in web pages as streaming files .This music player collects all Mp3 media links from installed website and forms a playlist .

First you need to upload the above mentioned JavaScript into blog/website template .

I will explain how this can be done for Blogger .

Open your Blogger template and move to edit HTML .

Copy the following code and place anywhere beforeĀ  </head> tag .

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Now create a new blog post with direct HTML link to a music URL .

<a href=” music URL” > First song</a>

Save and refresh page .

 mp3 player for media files in website

Blog post with music links will be now shown with a play icon just near to them .

Music player with playlist for Blogger WordPress or any website

On click , the above flash player opens and you will be able to see and play all MP3 media links in the page .

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