JPEG, PNG, PSD to ICO online and software converter

Icon files (ICO) are most commonly used in software programs for creating interface , shortcuts etc. They can also be used for creating favicons in websites .Finding a suitable ICO file is very difficult task ,or we need to convert an image in other formats like JPEG ,PNG ,PSD etc. to icon format . Last year we posted an article on adding a favicon in Blogger . RentASoft image converter is a free application that could be used to aid this article by creating icon files from PNG ,JPEG and PSD formats. Here we also discuss some online services and plugins (photoshop) for easy image to  ICO conversion .

RentASoft image converter .

 RentASoft JPEG ,PNG PSD to ICO converter

RentASoft image converter can convert between more than 14  image formats including those mentioned above . Just right click on the target image and click on convert image to > ,then the above window appears . Select ICO >icon size and convert .

Download RentASoft image converter and convert  JPEG ,PNG PSD files to icons .

Convert JPEG ,PNG PSD to ICO online .

Convertico is a free online service that lets you to convert almost all image formats including JPEG,GIF and PNG into ico format .
Visit convertico .

ICO plugin for photoshop .

ICO plugin for photoshop

Here is a free photoshop plugin which can work within photoshop/paintshop to generate good looking icons from JPEG ,PNG and PSD formats .

Download ico photoshop plugin .

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