iPhone 3GS features price availability

iPhone 3GS features price availability As expected, Apple announced a new version of iPhone 3G ,iPhone 3G S  today on WWDC in San Francisco . S from 3GS stands for speed .iPhone 3GS will be about 2 times faster than the existing devices for in data speeds and related applications . Another important change in iPhone 3GS is the camera which will with 3 mega pixel autofocus lens .Camera will support video recording and the captured video quality can be maximum of 30fps . iPhone 3GS will be able to access data upto a maximum speed of 7.2 MBPS through HSDPA.iPhone 3GS will be available in new 32 GB model ,and the the price of the 16 GB model will be the same as earlier . Check out other new features , price and availability of iPhone 3GS .

Apple reduced the contract cost of iPhone 3G 8GB with the release of iPhone 3GS . iPhone 3G 8GB will be now available for 99 $ .

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iPhone 3GS features .

The most important feature of iPhone 3GS is the data speed. It will be able to display web pages upto 2-3 times faster than the earlier versions.

iPhone 3GS has improved compatibility for new web standards like  HTML 5 and will be with 3 time faster JavaScript rendering engine.

The new improved battery in iPhone 3GS will be able to deliver 5 hours of 3G talk time and 9.5 hours of internet.

iPhone 3GS features OpenGL ES 2.0 standard for excellent 3D graphics . So users will be able to run movies, games and other applications with intense graphics capability .

iPhone 3G S features a 3 mega pixel  autofocus camera with  video recording upto 30 fps .

Home button in iPhone 3GS now opens voice control feature . Users can set commands for controlling different operations in iPhone through voice ,including calls , music and applications .

iPhone 3GS includes a digital compass application which is integrated with GPS and Maps for easy navigation .

iPhone 3GS comes with user specific applications for people with disabilities. VoiceOver in iPhone 3GS lets visually impaired users to make calls, hear email,read web pages, play music and operate applications . Mono audio combines the voice channels into a single channel and can used for people with hearing loss in one ear . Zoom and White on Black feature lets color blind and people with low vision to read text from iPhone 3G S .

iPhone 3GS comes with iPhone OS 3.0 which has around 100 new features .

We are not sure about the processor  that will power iPhone 3G S . iPhone OS is written for ARM chips , and currently they are using ARM 11 chips from Samsung for iPhone 3G .

iPhone 3GS price:

Prices of the current iPhone models were reduced with the launch of iPhone 3GS. iPhone 3GS models will be priced as 99$,199$ ,299$  for 8B, 16GB and 32 GB models. It will be good for the current iPhone 3G owners to sell their phones and buy new iPhone 3G S models. Price of 8GB and 16 GB models of iPhone 3GS will be the same as the launch price of iPhone 3G range.

iPhone 3GS availability :

Apple iPhone 3G S will be officially available by June 18 all over US, and for other countries the availability is predicted as August 2009 .

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