Internet Explorer 9 shortcuts list

Internet Explorer 9 shortcuts

Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft recently released Internet Explorer 9 beta, the upcoming version of the most popular web browser in the world. We are totally impressed with the features of Internet Explorer 9. It’s lightweight, fast and easy to use. The efficiency of the IE 9 can be improved by using a set of keyboard shortcuts. The keyboard shortcuts in Internet Explorer 9 and Internet Explorer 8 are almost the same. Here we have compiled a list of most commonly used shortcuts that will work with Internet Explorer 9.

Bookmark any website in Internet Explorer 9 – use Ctrl+D shortcut.
Open a new Tab in IE 9 – use Ctrl+T shortcut.
Search anything in a web page opened in Internet Explorer 9 – use Ctrl+F shortcut.
Open a new window Ctrl+N.
Close an existing window Ctrl+W.
Increase of decrease the text or page size in Internet Explorer 9 by pressing Ctrl++ or Ctrl- – until the desired size is achieved.
Delete browser history in Internet Explorer 9 – use shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Delete.

IE9 Inprivate shortcut

IE9 Inprivate mode

Use the private browsing feature in IE 9 with Ctrl+Shift+P.
Refresh a web page: F5
View the web page in full size: F11.
Open all browsing history, subscribed feeds and favorite in the IE 9 sidebar: Alt+C.
The keyboard shortcut to all developer shortcuts in IE 9 -F12
Open the new download manager introduced in Internet Explorer 9 – Ctrl+J.

Internet Explorer 9 has a special feature that lets you create a shortcut of any web page on to the Taskbar. To do this,  just drag and drop the favicon of the desired website to the Taskbar and pin it.

There are a lot more keyboard shortcuts for Internet Explorer 9. This is only a random list of shortcuts that will also work with other web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari  and Google Chrome.

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5 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 9 shortcuts list

  1. Thank you for listing important IE 9 shortcuts. There is some error in the list, it seems that the 4th and 5th ones are interchanged. When you type Ctrl+W in Internet Explorer 9, it will close your existing window, instead of opening one.

  2. 1. alt menu enabling as default should not require searching/findinbg/installing registry zip files. glad i found one, it works- can see file-edit-view-etc menu by default.
    2. where is the browsing history to be found? so far, nbo idea
    3. for example is a moderately long page where mouse scrolll is VERY slow, no idea why.

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