Internet Explorer 8 Shortcuts

Essential Internet Explorer 8 Shortcuts .

ALT+RIGHT ARROW : Takes you to the next page .
SHIFT+CLICK : Open a hyperlink in in new window
BACKSPACE : Used in IE8 to go to previous page
ALT+HOME : Shortcut to go home page
SHIFT+F10 : Used to show shortcut menu for a hyperlink
CTRL+C : Shortcut for copy in internet explorer 8
CTRL+V : Shortcut for paste in internet explorer 8
TAB :Move forward through different boxes and controls items on opened web page.
END :Move to the end of a web page
ESC : stops opening a page
CTRL+A : Select all in the browser windows
CTRL+D : shortcut to Bookmark a website
CTRL+E : Open the Internet explorer 8 Search bar
CTRL+F : Shortcut Find a text on browser
CTRL+H : Shortcut to open internet explorer 8 history bar
CTRL+I : Bookmarks Folder
CTRL+N : Opens a new window in internet explorer 8
CTRL+O : Opens address
CTRL+P : Print the current web page
CTRL+S : Shortcut to save complete website in internet explorer 8
CTRL+W : Closes IE 8
F11 : Move on to the full-screen view in IE8
F5 : Refresh the current browser page
F4 : Shortcut to Display a list of former addresses
F6 : Internet Explorer 8 Shortcut to change the focus of address bar and page.

Update: Internet Explorer 9 shortcuts

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