Install Windows 7 with Mac OS X

Windows 7Mac OS X Leopard We have already shared steps for installing Widows XP and  Windows Vista on Mac OS X leopard using Boot camp . Now here we will deal with Windows 7 installation on  Mac OS X  . Windows 7 is a very promising OS from Microsoft with lot of features and applications .As Apple hardware now uses Intel processors ,  we can run Windows 7 on Apple systems and can make use of those wide variety  applications .Check out how you can install Windows 7 with  Mac OS X using Boot camp .

Requirements for  Windows 7 installation on MAC OS X Leopard .

Mac OS X Leopard DVD
Windows 7 DVD ( Use Windows 7 RC )
Mac with enough space ( at least 15GB)  for Windows 7 installation.

Windows 7 installation on Mac OS X .

Windows 7 installation on Mac OS X

1. On your Mac OS X leopard , navigate to applications  utilities and the Boot camp manger .

2. Click on continue.

3. Now we will partition hard disk space for Windows 7 .  In Boot camp manger interface , you will see a slider as shown below .

 partition space for Windows7 Mac OS X

Maintain enough space for Mac OS X by setting Windows 7 partition in the range of 10-15-25 GB  . Windows OS installation will take 4.5 GB and rest of space can be used for 3rd party software installation .

4 .Click on to partition .
5.  Boot camp icon will appear on your OS X desktop , if partition was successful .
6. Insert your Windows 7 DVD and click on start installation.

Install Windows 7 with  MAC OS X

The latest version of Boot camp was introduced for installing Windows Vista on Mac OS X Leopard . So you won’t be able to see Windows 7 in the list .

7. Now your Mac will reboot with Windows 7 and will display those available partitions .

8. Select Boot camp partition and click on format .

9 . Now Windows 7 starts installation .

10 .After installation it will reboot . Remove Windows 7 DVD exactly at this point .

11. Now you will be booted into Windows 7 installation and here you can select language ,time zone , display and many other properties .

12. Insert Mac OS X  DVD for installation of device drivers . Boot camp installer will launch and here select to install Apple software update for Windows .

13. Connect to internet ,download video card or other missing drivers and Windows 7 updates .

14.Finally restart after complete installation .

 Multi boot Windows 7 Mac OS X

15. Press options key while on restart .You will see these multiple boot choices for OS X and Windows 7 .

Download latest version of Boot camp to Install Windows 7 with  Mac OS X leopard .

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