Increase internet download speed in Windows

Increase internet speed Windows Earlier, we shared tips on how to improve the internet browsing to speed up on two popular web browsers, Internet explorer 8 and Firefox 3. That was few browser oriented tips and tweaks that generally improve the web page loading time. There are many other systems oriented factors that could affect the total download and upload speed in Windows based machines. One out of them is the system bandwidth share, and the data volume used by individual applications. Furthermore, there are some internal system settings that should be tuned according to the internet connection plan. So here we have collected few software and tips to improve browsing and download speed on Windows XP,Vista and Windows 7 powered computers.

Increase download speed in Windows with the use of Firewall software :

Improve download speed in Windows with the use of Firewall software

Firewall software scans and blocks inbound and outbound internet traffic from a computer based on the permissions. Many applications automatically revert firewall settings and make them allowed to access internet services. So these applications will consume bandwidth in their background processes or updates. We have earlier shared a collection of free Firewall software. Use anyone of them and from settings, select manual permissions to block or allow programs on your choice. Here we have used inbuilt Firewall in Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 to block certain programs from accessing the internet. So as a result we are getting improved browsing speeds.

Turnoff or block unwanted addons and toolbars :

Toolbars and browser addons on Firefox, Internet explorer 8, Chrome 3, Safari 4 and other browsers call web services each time when web pages are loaded. You might have seen auto updating bookmark list and news feeds above browser tabs. These unless not useful, collectively reduces the total internet speed of the corresponding browsers.

Increase Windows internet download speed with download accelerators .

Increase Windows internet download speed with download accelerators

Download accelerators or download managers downloads the files in multiple parts and joins them at last. Some of them compress data before they are transmitted to client computer. So by both these ways they speed up the download process on an installed machine. Check out our list of free download accelerators to test anyone of them.

Tune system and network settings to speed up internet .

Nowadays, there is so many Windows optimization software are available on the market. We earlier covered methods to get full version license key of few such tools like Ashampoo Winoptimizer, Tuneup Utilities, SpeedupMyPC, etc . Use any of them, and open the internet or network tuning section from available modules. In that there is the option to select the network speed and to optimize the download speed automatically.

Check how you can increase internet speed in mobile devices.

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7 thoughts on “Increase internet download speed in Windows

  1. Dear Sir,
    I use bsnl brodband 625 Rs. Plan but downloading speed only 25kbp/s. How to increase bsnl brodband downloading speed for window 7. Please help me.

  2. If you share your computer then either turn off other computer or limit it reservable bandwidth by the following tips:-

    * Start > Run > type gpedit.msc
    * You will see [Local Computer Policy]
    * Expand the [Administrative Templates] branch
    * Expand the [Network] branch
    * Highlight [QoS Packet Scheduler]
    * Double-click [Limit Reservable Bandwidth]
    * Check [Enabled]
    * Change [Bandwidth limit %] to 60 % or 70% or 80%
    * Click [Apply] [OK]
    * Restart

  3. You are wrong. The Reservable Bandwidth is the amount of the bandwidth that Microsoft reserves for its applications, updates, etc. It should be set to 0% to limit it. Increasing the reservable bandwidth just slows down the connection.

  4. In order to increase internet game speed you have to use an internet accelerator like Internet Cyclone.

  5. to increase our internet speed just download cc cleaner for your windows & get clean all ur files which are not useful for ur pc …

  6. you can also try and use faster DNS servers as there may be faster ones that what your ISP gives you. Try googles name bench to test..

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