Improve Windows Experience Index WEI for Windows 7

Windows 7 is somewhat similar to Windows vista . Windows Experience Index(WEI) was a feature introduced in Windows vista to check all hardware and software parameters and to assign a particular value for each PCs . Most advanced visual effects in Windows (Aero) would appear only when the WEI is 3 or more . Windows Experience Index(WEI) settings in Windows 7 were took from Windows vista .

But recently their was lot complaints regarding the extremely low values of WEI for people upgraded to Windows 7 . Here I will explain a method to improve Windows Experience Index WEI for Windows 7

Open computer properties from desktop using right click context menu .

From the menu select device manager . Right click and open the properties for master disk .  Un check the enable write caching on the devices ( above screenshot took using VMware workstation).
Now restart your PC and recheck the Windows Experience Index (WEI) .

This method will Improve Windows Experience Index for Windows 7 by 1-2 score .

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2 thoughts on “Improve Windows Experience Index WEI for Windows 7

  1. When i right click my desktop i don't see properties. can anyone help me out? i'm running windows 7 ultimate.

  2. would you still recommend this for SSD setups?

    çause I read just the opposite advice for such drives.

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