Improve Infolinks earnings

Improve Infolinks earnings:

From my last one year experience, I have learned about Infolinks and methods to improve Infolinks earnings.

Infolinks logo

1. Use Blue color for Infolinks in text links.
2.Increase the number of in text links .

3. Use single underline for in text ads .

4. Block ads from appearing sidebar and footer section.

Do you have any other tips to improve Infolinks earnings? Please share them here >>

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15 thoughts on “Improve Infolinks earnings

  1. Awesome. Was debating between adsense and infolinks. Thank you for sharing the information with us. Great tips.

  2. Awesome tips, I will try your single underline for info links to see if it increases CTR. I think people are starting to ignore double underline textlinks because most sites use them. I been using a navy bloue colour for my adsense ads and it seem to work pretty wellfor me, but I will try your blue.

  3. can i use adsense and infolinks at a time in my blog? will it ban my adsense account? please help i get very less from adsense just 4$ in 2 months. 🙁 so plz help me 😐

  4. hey thanks for sharing this.Please tell me the waiting time to recieve the payments.For example if i reach threshold 50$ in 30 july 2010,when will i get paid??????

  5. hey i got the information which i was searching from a day. we can use infolinks on any ad account. also adsense accepts it.i made 2$ in 2 days 😀 through infolinks 🙂

  6. Please tell me how to earn through Infolinks, because I have integrated my Infolinks script just 6 months ago, Till now I have not earned a single penny. Please someone help at least to get something..

  7. i get 3-4 clicks a week but i am not getting any earning the ads are running on my site “” but why i am not getting earnings. why?

  8. Hey thanks for sharing. But how to disable ads from appearing sidebar and footer section. In my blog: , most of the ads are shown in footer section.

  9. Well i just want to know does they support image links.
    and one other thing is that the earning is very slow for the beginners if any one could provide with more information if they earned their first payment.

  10. from your web – means that it is okay to put infolinks together with adsense ?

    please confirm, how this effect my ctr ?

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