Identify hidden passwords in asterisk

Identify hidden passwords in asterisk

Passwords in Instant messenger login page , web page forms etc. are protected by asterisk keys in order hide them from unauthorised access .But it is very easy to identify these passwords. Asterisk key is a spyware/adware free software from a trusted publisher that can recover and identify hidden passwords in asterisk letters .

Passware , the manufactures of Asterisk key is a security solution company producing wide variety of applications for revealing hidden passwords in Windows OS and softwares .Their softwares are mainly used by corporates ,forensic and government agencies .

Identify hidden passwords in asterisk

Some people set it to remember passwords while logging into instant messengers and other online accounts .These passwords are usually kept in asterisk letters .Asterisk key can easily identify these hidden passwords in asterisk .

Download Asterisk key .After installation , click on recover . Asterisk key now search for password edit boxes ( Yahoo ,Google Talk instant messengers ) and open web page windows for passwords in asterisk .Hidden passwords will be identified and displayed in a window as shown above .

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