How to hide remove Blogger Navbar

Navbar stands for navigation bar and you can always see it on the top portion of your Blogger blog. As the name indicates , it aids your movement from the front page to Login and to dashboard . Also users can flag and report any potential violation directly to Google through a button on Blogger navbar.

These days, many of the Bloggers hide the navbar as they feel that its less attractive .Most of the custom Blogger templates available on internet are also packed up after removing navbars . But removing navbar is a possible violation of Google Blogger TOS for “.blogspot ” accounts and for those who have own domain in blogger , I hope there’s no problem…
hide blogger navbar

There are two methods . One deals with a way to hide Blogger navbar and other with the removal .

Remove Blogger Navbar :

Open dashboard ,select the blog on which hack is to be implemented .
Move on to the Blogger templates‘ layout and select edit HTML .

Now press Ctrl+F and search for <b:skin><![CDATA[/*

Place the following code just below this line and save the template .

#navbar, #navbar-iframe {height: 0px;visibility: hidden;display: none;}

remove Blogger navbar
Though the navbar is completely CSS , hiding them has a little SEO value as you can avoid the encounter of search engine crawler with “login to Blogger” and other links on navbar (Got this idea from another blog).

Update : Hiding navbar is not aganist Blogger TOS .

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