How to Check Nofollow/Dofollow website and blog links

How to check Nofollow/Dofollow?? .This is a question often asked in webmaster and seo forums. As far as I know , commenting and participating on blogs and forums increase our backlinks and search engine potential .Though this an important seo tactic , these blogs and  should be confirmed “dofollow” to avoid wastage of time and efforts .

How to Check a Nofollow/Dofollow website
With out deep analysis or debugging of the source code ,you can find out a Nofollow/Dofollow website using a Firefox addon called NoDoFollow .

This Firefox addon will highlight the follow/dofollow links by blue/red colors respectively.

Download the Firefox addon to Check a Nofollow/Dofollow website.

How to Check a Nofollow/Dofollow website
After install, restart Firefox for your settings to take effect .Now move on to any web page , right click anywhere and select NoDoFollow . All nofollow links will be highlighted red and all dofollow links will be highlighted by blue color .

What is nofollow?? : A link specified with nofollow tag will not have any value for that link in search engine results .Usually comment section in blogs are nofollowed to avoid comment spamming .Otherwise not specified , all other links in a website/Blog are set as dofollow links . We can set nofollow to a link by adding rel=”nofollow” ,right after the target link .

There is another manual method to check and find out a Nofollow/Dofollow blog . Just open up the source code and search for nofollow tag :-).

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8 thoughts on “How to Check Nofollow/Dofollow website and blog links

  1. Thanks for sharing information..Anyone have a special or neat way of checking out the details of links to your website? Is there a script that can tell you if links to your site are followed or nofollow?

  2. I recently downloaded this Firefox add-on but couldn’t figure out how it worked. Thanks for explaining. What an awesome tool!

  3. Love this little follow XPI didn’t even know it existed until now I have now removed all nofollow from my blogs.

  4. I use the SEO Quake plugin which has option of lining through nofollow and noindex but still thanks for this plugin

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