Download unlimited files from Hotfile with premium account

Download unlimited files from hotfile premium account auto downloder

Hotfile premium account

Hotfile is a popular file sharing and hosting website like Rapidshare that allows users to upload files and share it with others with custom download links. Hotfile users can generate money by uploading files to their account and distributing it on the internet. Like any other file sharing sites, Hotfile imposes certain restrictions on free account. The non-premium Hotfile account users may not be able to  download multiple files at the same time- also they are not allowed to direct download Hotfile uploads using download managers like IDM. The only option to bypass these limitations is to buy Hotfile premium account or the use of applications like Hotfile auto downloader and Download Direct.

Hotfile is nowadays very commonly used in forums and websites to share large files. The investment on a premium account is good if you are a frequent downloader or blogger sharing large media files. Bloggers using shared hosting are limited to certain bandwidth restrictions. So if they use the hotlinking feature of Hotfile, they can save bandwidth and at the same time provide direct download links for their readers.

Features of Hotfile premium account:

Download multiple files from Hotfile servers without limit.

Pause and restart Hotfile downloads.

Use as a Backup for files: Hotfile uploads are not visible to search engines, unless they are shared on websites. So users can save the backup copies of their documents on Hotfile account online. But keep in mind that it’s not secure as the free storage and backup service that we shared earlier.

Hotlink Hotfile downloads: This is a special feature for Hotfile premium account users to enable hotlinking to their uploads. That is the non-premium users can download such files direct and without going for a timer or Captcha verification.

High speed download with download managers: Hotfile premium users can download files at high speed using download managers. Go to the download manager settings to find site logins and enter premium details to auto download files from the internet.

Make money from Hotfile: One of the main reasons for the popularity of Hotfile is the reward program. Hotfile pays the uploader based on the number of downloads made from the links in his account and the origin of downloads. Download from top level countries are paid at up-to $15 for 1000 downloads. A typical Hotfile reward chart is shown below.

Eran money from Hotfile

Eran money from Hotfile

Buy Hotfile premium account or sign up for a free  uploader account here.

Hotfile auto-downloader programs:

Though we haven’t tried yet, there are a few programs for bypassing Hotfile download restrictions. Most of the programs will not work. However, some of them are supposed to have the ability to download unlimited files from Hotfile. The Hotfile auto-downloader from shabestar is an example for this.

Download Hotfile Auto Downloader from BrotherSoft here.

Free Hotfile premium account for readers:

We are giving away one free Hotfile account for our readers. This account will be valid for one month from the date of activation. Just signup for our email newsletter and make valuable comments in the form below, to be a part of this contest. The winners will be announced on 30-10-2010 using

Hotfile premium account winner is Raptor. We request the winner to contact us immediately for account details.

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75 thoughts on “Download unlimited files from Hotfile with premium account

  1. Please give me a Hotfile premium account to download NFS world. I have already subsribed to your feed.

  2. I think that hotfile is not good at time waiting for free people, becaus we have to wait 60 seconds. But I want a license for this. Thanks for this giveaway.

  3. Good good! I will’t waiting 60 seconds when download into Hotfile with premium account if I receive license for this. Thank for the giveaway.

  4. Hotfile is used in almost all file sharing websites. Please select me as the free premium Hotfile account.

  5. Hotfile is good however Hotfile is one of the ‘longest waiting time’ host site that I know. Nonetheless, Hotfile have the fastest speed even for free user.

  6. please give me a hotfile premium account.
    i like games and i have to wait for that about 3 to 4 hours for download
    i really need that send me hotfile premium account
    i’ll be thankful to u.

  7. Hotfile is one of the most used sharing sites by lots of people. Premium account gives the flexibility to download files without waiting.

    I will also benefit by resuming the downloads without having to wait for a long time.

  8. Good if you provide me premium account, i will use this account for studying material.

  9. Nice offer Techknowl…How i wish i could win that account…Well, every wish will come true if we believe…

  10. I want it really badly i download alot of stuff from hotfile pls pls give me Thx alot in advance Seriously having a basic membership was really bad!!

  11. I REALLY need one premium membership to hotfile
    I have been downloading as a basic member for so long..

  12. Since rapidshare screwed my account with their new system I’ve been uncertain to which file hoster I should switch. This would help a lot. Please?

  13. i’m having an issue with hotfile and flashget, maybe me being thick but, when it comes to downloading the file i want it keeps substituting the file name for login.php i have used my username and password and cant figure out what im doing wrong i can still use rapidshare with no issues i have premium accounts with both because people stopped uploading with rapidshare any advise would be greatly appreciated.

  14. nice,giveway it is amazing,it is nice to say that is one of the give way site,it give more than we aspect.thnks

  15. i’d rather “” 5x faster, simple, and unlimited multiple download for free user

  16. Hotfile does NOT work. I am a premium account holder at Hotfile and yet cannot download any files from Hotfile. Each time I log in and download, the standard home screen is displayed indicating crappy messages such as “you have exceeded your download limit…..”, “you are currently downloading…..” while all along showing my user id at the top of the screen. What a scam !!! Hotfile takes your money and does not provide service.

  17. Hotfile is a big ripoff.
    I am a premium member and cannot download anything. It keep saying that you have exceeded your download limit. There is no support from these people and no where to turn to solve the issue. They just take your money and leave you hanging.

  18. I think that’s your personal opinion. We have been using Hotfile premium account for the last few months and we completely satisfied with their service.

  19. Good try, Admin….. This is definitely not a personal opinion. So how do you explain the fact that despite being a premium account, Hotfile does not allow downloads ? How do you explain the fact that there is no “support” link on the Hotfile site ? There is an support eMail id which is obviously not manned, since I have raised this issue multiple times to Hotfile in the last 2 weeks, but no response……

  20. There is a problem. I cannot isolate whether it is due to the web browser or otherwise. My hotfile premium account works when I’m hooked up to certain networks, others network don’t, all using the same laptop. For those complaining about premium account not able to work, well, try a different network.

  21. i am a new hotfile premium account member i would like know how to download files by using premium account

  22. All of these freeloaders can’t appreciate the cool download manager you have provided free. I just downloaded and am just amazed at the tech brains that came up with such a solution. I am thankful just for this piece of tool ! No worries about a premium account even though I download tons of Gigs from hotfile each week. Again Thanks for this free tool.

  23. i want premium account but when do i get one im using free acount

    i have lots of pc games right now downloading it to any host but i did not use a premium account now im exausted downloading files i want to disconnect my internet connection as soon as possible
    not only exausted beacause all of fucking hosting right now is upgrading there sites they want you to put capatcha before downloading there files and i cant turn on my computer in the night to download file in all host because of the fucking capatcha who create that fucking program you know i will tell you this you make my life like hell fuck you shoot your self

  24. If you have a premium account and you download a file, is hotfile supposed to send a confirmation to your e-mail address after each successful download?

  25. Good try, Admin….. This is definitely not a personal opinion. So how do you explain the fact that despite being a premium account, Hotfile does not allow downloads ? How do you explain the fact that there is no “support” link on the Hotfile site ? There is an support eMail id which is obviously not manned, since I have raised this issue multiple times to Hotfile in the last 2 weeks, but no response……

  26. Have signed up for hotfile premium account for a year . After about a month I cannot download anything from any link given. Have written to them 3 times but got no reply.
    Anyone knows what’s wrong?

  27. Agree with fdhưev. I have paid for a one year premium account. Into my second month and cannot download anthing from any link. Get crappy messages such as “you have exceeded your download limit…..” Have raised the issue them several times but got no reply.

  28. which I just subscribed for 6 +1 bonus months just screwed me another USD 30 after using it for about 2 weeks. They give reason ” voilation of rules – use multiple IP ] This company is bastard actually, they fuck their user , as far they got the money.


  29. I am in grate need of Norton Internet Security because my computer is in great risk to be infected by virus. Help me save my computer.

  30. Thanks for the information..I ma new to the internet world and wondering to know how to download it..Please help me with the instructions step by step..I try to open the link posted above but not able to understand..Thanks in advance!

  31. Hi guys I have a Wonderful idea..
    how to download unlimited from Any File Hosting Sites
    Use Proxy Server..
    Dont Beg for Premium Accounts
    Any Quires Contact Me on
    Thank you

  32. Hotfile sure is a piece of crap. Paid for premium, got the email indicating my account turned to premium, still it shows FREE when I log in. The support does not answer emails.
    Anyone knows how to get my money back?

  33. HOTFILE is a total ripoff…. I’m used to rapidshare but since the file that I’m trying to download is only available to hotfile, I subscribe to their premium account.
    And what a dumb decision!!! I asked paypal for refund and advice me to go to Hotfile first…if they wouldn’t reply, they will escalate it to dispute and hopefully give my money back!

  34. sir,
    i m the regulad reader of this site..i need hotfile acccount…its very very necessary to me.
    pls pls sir sent me…

  35. please brothers could you sent me the hotfile Permiun Account

    please …………thz

  36. Pls reconsider of getting a Hotfile Premium Account. These days almost all files (other than **** movies) uploaded in Hotfile Host are deleted immediately. If anyone do not trust me, pls try and download from Horfile.

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