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 Chrome browser extensionsMany websites had already published some user scripts and Javascript bookmarklets as alternate to Chrome extensions . The most requested feature is now available with Google chrome 3 ,and it supports the direct installation of Chrome browser extensions in .crx format .We have spotted few initial chrome extensions like Adsweep ,Cleeki ,Gmail notifier etc . which would worth a check . And for installation you need to download Google Chrome 3 and enable extensions from command line .

Download Google chrome 3
How to install Google chrome extensions

The current developer build of Google chrome 3 will not allow direct installation of extensions .But we can easily bypass this by a commandline operation .

After installation ,right click and open properties from Google chrome shortcut icon on desktop .

The target directory here should be modified by adding –enable-extensions .

So it will look like “C:Documents and SettingstechknowlLocal SettingsApplication DataGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe” –enable-extensions

Change techknowl with your username and apply .

Now onwards Chrome will show a warning message while clicking .crx (Chrome extension file ) files .Allow that and will get installed properly.

Features of new Chrome browser extensions .

Anyone with little knowledge in JavaScript ,HTML ,CSS and XML (for calling web data) can write chrome extensions.
There is no need to restart after extension installation .
All Chrome extensions will support the future release of the browser . That means the developers need not rewrite extensions new builds.

Few Chrome browser extensions appeared on web .

Adsweep:Adsweep extension disables annoying text ,flash and popup advertisements from Google Chrome .

Download Adsweep

Cleeki: Ieacceletor is a new ie addon introduced internet explorer 8 to find related webpages and locations with matching information ,just from a right click on required selection .ieacceletor like feature is now available on chrome with Cleeki extension .

Cleeki extension for Chrome

Download Cleeki

Gmail Checker: Simple Chrome browser extension to check unread messages from Gmail inbox .

Gmail Checker Google chrome

Download Gmail Checker extension .

Subscribe in Google Reader: Simple Chrome extension that lets you to subscribe to any website or blog in a click .

Subscribe in Google Reader Chrome extension

Download extension .

Google PageRank Checker :Checks Google PageRank of a web page from Chrome browser interface itself .

Download PageRank Checker extension for Chrome 3 .

How to uninstall Chrome extensions .

Uninstallation of a Google Chrome browser extension is pretty simple . Just type chrome://extensions and click on uninstall for required extensions .

This list will be updated with the release of new Google Chrome extensions.

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