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Anyone familiar with Revolution WordPress themes would know about the sliding featured content section in the home page . If not , have a look at the following screen shots .

Blog administrator can set random posts as featured content so that the user can access them easily. Apart from the user navigation , it makes the blog looking good with sliding graphics. This feature is still not available in many of the converted Revolution Blogger templates .
The sliding menu uses two JavaScripts which are available at . We have to incorporate these JavaScripts with necessary CSS codes to accomplish sliding featured content in Blogger .

1 .Copy the following JavaScript code just before </head> of your Blogger template . Gallery JavaScripts from were uploaded to my Google pages account and linked with the script .

<script src="" type="text/javascript"/><script src="" type="text/javascript"/>

2. Now we have to add a CSS code for formatting the  Sliding Gallery with featured content .
Copy the following code and insert it before </style>(in Blogger ]]></b:skin>) tag of your template .
Download the CSS code .

3 . Next we have to decide the number of posts to be appeared  in the content Gallery , along with the design of sliding Gallery elements(photos) description and targeting links .
A maximum of 5 pics(450px *150px or reasonable) would be enough as otherwise leads to slower page loading .
After preparation  , we have  to build a similar Blogger widget as shown below . It depends on the number of sideshow elements , image URL, targeting URL ,  featured content header text etc . Here in this example , there’s only two featured gallery elements used .

<div id="myGallery">      <div class="imageElement">            <h3>Give your
content header here</h3>

            <p>Give your small
content description</p>            <a href="Targeting URL" class="open" title="Click here to read full story"></a>            <img src="Sideshow picture element uploaded URL" class="full"/>

            <img src="Sideshow picture element uploaded URL" class="thumbnail"/>     </div>     <div class="imageElement">            <h3>
Blogger Templates</h3>            <p>Get
Blogger templates for free here!</p>

            <a href="" class="open" title="Click here to read full story"></a>            <imgsrc=""class="full"/>

            <imgsrc=""class="thumbnail"/>     </div>        <script type="text/javascript">function startGallery() {var myGallery = new gallery($('myGallery'), {timed: true});}window.addEvent('domready', startGallery);</script>        </div></div>

The portion starting with <div class=”imageElement”> and ending with </div> is a single slide element .You can extend the number sliding pictures by adding more <div class=”imageElement”>…. </div>  elements . In the first case , I have given the positions where the images , links , descriptions etc. to be added . The second( <div class=”imageElement”> case gives an example . That is , Blogger templates stands and the header and get Blogger templates as description . You have upload your own images and replace the sideshow picture elements . At the end there is JavaScript for gallery call timing, which doesn’t need any change .You can download the above code here and make necessary changes adapting your template .


After successful creation of widget code, From the Layout &gt;select add Gadget &gt;Add HTML or JavaScript and paste the contents .Now drag the widget to the top of your blog post to make it visible over there .

A working example for a gallery with sliding featured content in Blogger is given here( Link removed :updated ) .

Any problem in Installation ?? Ask them in the comment section .

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  1. Everytime my blog loaded the picture messed up on my post after some time it get okay… this may reduce my readership in blog i guess. kindly give some solutions…….pls

  2. I like this text: "How do you speed up the loading time of the script? It shows all my images in a stack that makes things look messy before the whole thing loads. but once it loads it works perfectly…" is very interesting!

  3. This is the first time I am visiting your site. It’s cool. Also, I love your template. Its neat.

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