Free VPN services to access blocked websites

 Free VPN services to access blocked websitesIn our last article, we wrote on how to access blocked websites like Orkut, Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, etc. using proxy websites. Most of these proxy websites are vulnerable to security risks as they are not SSL secured and as open to the service providers. Proxy websites just only act as a mediator between us and the target website or service. At the same a VPN ( Virtual private networks ) is operated in a secured medium. VPN services first encrypt our data and associates a custom key or wrapper and transfer over the internet. The data is then decrypted at the end of the VPN end point and transferred to the web service So in between this transfer none will be knowing your personal details, and you will get all benefits of using a proxy. So by using VPN service, we can hide our IP, login username, password, credit card information, etc. in an extra secured environment. Furthermore, you can use VPN services to fool ISPs and bans employed by countries to particular websites. There are both paid and free Virtual Private networks. Here we have collected few VPN networks that you may use for accessing private services.

These free VPN services will have some limitations on download quantity, bandwidth, etc., But they are good if you’re looking only for browsing purposes.

aloneweb free vpn services

ALONWEB free VPN service: Complete registration, download and install Alonweb OpenVPN client for Windows. After instillation click on icon from system try and connect  Enter username and password registered with service.

connect to aloneweb VPN

Now VPN will be established. ALONEWEB will now let the user to surf anonymously and download by bypassing country and ISP firewalls. But free service is limited to 1GB monthly traffic share.

(Update: The service seems to be discontinued)

Loki free VPN service : Loki is yet another free and SSL secured VPN service for Windows OS . Here you don’t any site registration to access VPN service. A guest role is enough to use there VPN servers located at different parts of the world.

Loki free VPN service

Download Loki VPN client and install. Similar to that in ALONEWEB VPN, click on connect button and establish a secured connection to access blocked websites on a secured mode.

A good and reliable free VPN service that I use personally is Cyberghost VPN. I got a user name and password for the service though a promotional offer and so far it is working great. You can try their free version here.

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  1. Good article!

    I’m using vpntunnel to surf anonymous it cost only €5 a month for unlimited bandwidth.

  2. hi.dear
    i need a vpn (user & pass & host) or software for open blocked site…
    could u help me…?
    please send it to my email
    thank u…

  3. dear friend
    with a lot respect

    how I can have a free or cheap vpn
    can you help me?

    tnx A LOT

  4. Hi
    i need a vpn (user & pass & host) or software for open blocked site…
    could u help me…?
    please send it to my email
    thank you

  5. Why not go using this 100% free PPTP VPN service:

    It has guaranteed bandwidth for each VPN session, works with my iPad and my computer’s built-in PPTP VPN client, through it I can access many free hulu and ABC videos even I am out of US, very nice 🙂


  6. hi
    i need VPN user name & pass , it too good to send it for me, plz send it to my mail box , thanks alot …

  7. hi i am living in Iran.we are very limited to bring information.plase send free vpn for me.thank u

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  8. Over the last 4 years I was searching to get a reliable VPN and I tried many free,
    and paid, but at the end I’m currently using vonmessenger from
    for more than one year, and it’s really a reliable service it’s free to try, but
    after first 4 hours user have to charge his account and buy units, it’s cheap
    3 Euro enough for 120 hours online with VPN.
    It’s very secure because I discovered it’s not only a VPN service, but my Internet
    traffic actually go through the VPN service + what they call it TCP encrypted
    tunnels acting as proxies so simple it’s VPN service + proxy + Secured multiple IM client + Secured P2P VoIP + Secured access to Turrent networks at the same time

    Good luck to everybody

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