Free SMS websites in India

SMS has became one of the most important medium of mobile communication . In India , there are several operators including Airtel , Vodafone , Idea etc. giving pretty good tariff rates for mobile SMS . With the increased influence of internet , probably unlimited or free internet in colleges and schools , free SMS websites are gaining popularity in India.

Free SMS website in India

There are several free SMS websites in India . Popular ones’ offer group messaging, social networking , and mobile alerts .These Free SMS websites are supported by advertisements but delivers messages almost instantly .

Free SMS websites in India :

160by2 :

160by2 offers free SMS to all mobile phones in India . But the number of daily SMS’s
are limited to 50 . They maintains an excellent mobile portal and a mobile software for sending messages .

Youmint :

Youmint is another free SMS website in India paying its users for receiving SMS .They pays the users through the targeted advertisements sent through SMS. Users can also invite their friends and relatives to their SMS network , that adds up to their payments .


Way2SMS has a totally impressive SMS delivery time .Users can attach their email address to way2sms so that they would be alerted on arrival of a new mail .


Indyarocks is one of the oldest free SMS website in India . They also manages an SMS supported social networking site .

Ibibo :

Ibibo is a complete Indian entertainment portal . Their iSMS feature allows the users to send SMS worldwide . You can send unlimited free SMS over India through ibibo with an average SMS delivery time.

Google SMS channels :

Google SMS channels are operated byGoogle labs India . This service is still in testing but offers a widevariety of delivery options . This services enables the user to createand promote their SMS channels . Whenever the channel owner update thecontent , All the members are alerted by SMS .Channel owner can alsoadd a site feed as SMS source . This is the only free SMS website inIndia which is not supported by advertisement , but the speed of SMSdelivery is not so impressive . There are many groups to join :celebrity , Bollywood , Hollywood , SMS ,technology etc . You can jointechknowl’s SMS channel here .

Smsgupshup :

Smsgupshup is service similar to Google SMS channels . They allows group messaging across India  . Massages are either advertisement supported or prepaid .

You can also contribute to the free SMS websites in India list , in the comment section .

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    In a nutshell, is a free, web-to-mobile communication service provider that promises to cater to the needs of the geographically spread out, but internet- savvy users.

  2. Yes these service providers giving good communications in India and they can share lots of greeting messages but these are giving ads in between our sms so that the users unable to read the our messages, still there are some website which totally ad free sms, you wont see and ads with your message e.g. these type of websites are fast and clean in delivering our messages.

  3. Hi am lokesh frm banglore
    this service provides updates regarding technology, job alerts, some funny msgs.
    Its may be useful to the students, employees for regular headlines, cricket scores etc.

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