Free online backup and storage services

Free online backup and storage services

Free online backup

Online backup and storage are getting immense popularity in these days. The advantage of online backup is that it’s accessible anytime, anywhere with a proper data connection. Furthermore, here the chances of data loss are small and security is very small. We earlier reviewed few free files hosting service  that allows direct linking. Most of them were file sharing sites that are open to search engines, and will not provide any privacy for the uploader. Here we have listed a few other services dedicated to online backup and storage that let you to keep your file secure with maximum possible up-time, bandwidth and speed. They also offer pro versions where you have the option to download a Windows, Mac or Linux application that can automatically sync with online back or storage folder to upload files as they are changed at the client side.


Dropbox online storage and backup


Dropbox is one of the best online backup and storage service.  Dropbox offers a free 2GB storage on signup and additional storage if the user refers his/her friends to join the network. Dropbox offer Windows, Linux, Mac OS software clients for file upload/download process. It creates a Dropbox folder on the user desktop from where they can synchronize important files with the online storage folder. Any file put on this folder will get uploaded to the backup folder and will remain secure there, based on preferences. The file transfers and online storage on Dropbox service are encrypted using SSL. So it provides utmost security and privacy for user files. Dropbox also has mobile applications for Android and Apple iOS mobile operating systems and a mobile optimized web portal compatible with BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows mobile smartphones that provides an option to view, update or delete all stored files. Users can synchronize photos and videos from their device to online Dropbox backup using this client.

Join Dropbox here.

Windows Live Sky Drive free online storage :

Microsoft started this service last year after realizing the growth of the online backup and storage sector. The free edition of Live drive provides 25GB free secure online storage, making its one of the largest of its kind. Uploaded files can be kept private or public as per the requirement of user. Further you can extend the use of this service by inviting fiends and relatives to share files and to network online.

Wuala online backup and storage:

Wuala online storage


The special about Wuala is their storage trade feature. Users can trade their hard disk space to avail corresponding online backup space. Wuala comes with 1GB online storage space on free service. They have Java based client software that can be used by Windows, Mac OS or Linux users to upload files securely to their online folders. They keep the file secure and encrypted so that it’s not accessible to others, including Wuala employees. Wuala offers pro versions that provide additional storage that allows unlimited file transfer and speed.

Humyo free online backup or storage service .

Humyo offers 10GB online storage space, where you can store 5GB media files and 5GB non media file. The free service is SSL protected(on selection) , but only accessible via the web. They have a software application for premium service that automatically sync with online storage folder to upload files. The backup can be shared with friends or colleagues, and can be even accessed  from mobile phones.

MozyHome Online backup:

MozyHome free online backup


Mozy is trusted name in online backup and storage solutions. MozyHome services provide up-to 2GB free  storage that can be used to store music, photos and other selected file types. Mozy also has Windows and Mac OS software clients to sync a desktop folder to the cloud. It will work in the background and upload any file moved into that folder to safe location.    However, few features of the PRO version are not available in free service.

Overall, comparing the features, the best online backup service is Dropbox. Its can operate in multiple platforms, and it provides reliable service as per our analysis. Moreover, you can increase your storage by inviting others to join Dropbox service.

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12 thoughts on “Free online backup and storage services

  1. Thanks for the above article.But i don’t think there is any free online backup where one does not even pay a penny.Well above all i use an online backup called safecopy backup.They offer a free unlimited 3GB and 200GB for only 50bucks a year.This is so cheap and and recently i joined the facebook fan page and my 3GB unlimited trial version was upgraded to 5GB.This is wonderful.

  2. Great post.I have liked you comment too Ritah.Thanks for introducing safecopy backup.I have visited the like and tried out the 3GB.For some of my itunes.It really works very well.

  3. To Mike :

    Did you know about Its really nice, it offers 10GB plan for only $1.99 per month, and the best of that deal is that you can share everything with your friends by managing your unlimited users on your space

  4. One thing I know, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Like Ritah, I use for my online storage. Talk about sharing files, simplicity, reliability, ehh, what can I say. Safecopy rocks! Am happy with it 🙂

  5. Every body now every year 150000 hard disk damage form virus bad sector or short circuits so you also find you excellent solution for this problems how to get mobile data backup system for Nokia Samsung Lg all mobile phone provide 2GP space life time free free free space you should not lose your money with time important data.

  6. Well we can see here that there’s a lot of option for people to do online backup, however it depends of the requirements and budgets, because if you data is very important, you want to be secure and store in a safe place.
    Now if it’s a paid online backup it doesn’t mean that it has to be an expensive one, they are pretty affordable for example the online backup deal for 34 usd a year.
    People need to be aware of this and choose a good online backup software.
    im unsing a Freeware version, however if I sotre more important data on my computer I will upgrade it for sure!

  7. I use windows Skydrive. As mentioned it comes with 25GB free storage. I then use Gladinet (free version) to map Skydrive into a virtual drive so that I can access my Skydrive storage just like any drive or folder. I use Gladinet to create an encrypted folder in Skydrive for extra protection.

    I then use DirSyncPro (Sourceforge Freeware) to mirror all of my 10,000 data files to by Skydrive.

    25GB Completly free. Encrypted. Easy sychronization. Is there anywhere else I can get more GB for free?

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