Free network monitor software

Free Network monitor software for Windows

Networks are the heart of internet and connected computers. Hence its monitoring became essential for managing the issues related with servers, websites and other applications in real-time. Network monitoring checks different factors affecting a network, like server outages, intrusions, addition of new hardware and software, changes in network configuration, bandwidth usage, downtime, system resource usages, changes in DNS settings and many others. There are softwares and web applications that could check websites and networks for issues and warn network administrator about any possible issues. We earlier shared a free website monitoring service from Pingdom and free applications that can monitor remote computers.

The monitoring strategy is slightly different for internet connected and computers in LAN, WAN and other networks. But in each case, a server side application polls the data associated with the target in definite intervals of time . Internet based monitoring service will have so many servers at different parts of the world. These servers use different protocols to send requests to a particular website or computer and detect their continuity.

Free network monitor software PRTG Network Monitor 7 :

Free network monitor software PRTG Network Monitor 7

Download PRTG network monitor free edition .

PRTG network management application has free and commercial versions. The free edition comes with almost all features of commercial application with limitation in monitored nodes. PRTG network monitor software can check uptime and downtime, network traffic and data usage, packet analysis and give a detailed graphical report for different time periods. It supports more than 40 types of protocols to request and test network uptime.There is an option to receive SMS, pager and email alerts on server outages. The interface of the application is pretty much simple to understand and operate. There are other freeware server network monitor applications, but PRTG network monitor is the best and concise application with free tag .

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