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You may have a lot of secret files in computer, songs, movies, documents, porn and many other things. The very basic method to hide these files is to use the Windows hide a folder option. However, most of us know how to un-hide hidden files in Windows. A Folder lock software is useful in such situations. They use strong algorithms to protect the target files with industry standard encryption technologies. Later a password will be asked if anyone tries to access the locked folder. Today we came across a few free folders locking software for Windows. Some of them can lock folders as a whole and some others can lock individual files like images, videos and executable programs.

Actually, you can extend the security of the default Windows file hide process by changing the file extensions. That is if you have a movie XXXhot.MPEG, you can change the file name to Windows and then add, say .ISO extension. So your file will look like Windows. ISO and may not get by others using your computers.  Another method available there is to lock Windows folders with the command prompt. First you have to create the folder that is to be protected and then move all  the required files into it.I assume that you have created a folder named “locked ” in your G drive. Now open command prompt by pressing Win key +R and enter cmd.

Type attrib +s +h G:locked This will lock the file as prescribed in the command. Locked folder will not be visible, even if we select to show the hidden files and folders options in Windows.

Use this command attrib -s -h G:locked to open any locked folder using this method. Still if you are not satisfied, you can use any of the following free file locking software.

Best Crypto file lock for Windows:

Best Crypto file lock is manufactured by Smartphoneware, the same company who are behind the Best Crypto mobile file lock for mobile phones.

Best Crypto file lock for Windows

Best Crypto folder locking software is only 250 KB in size, and it doesn’t need to be installed for its operation. It will rename the locked folders to .enc (encrypted ) extension and makes them inaccessible. It’s not a folder lock, but a file lock. As I said earlier, it can only lock individual images, movies and other files. So what you need to do is to make an archive from your files and folders and then use Best Crypto to lock them.

Download Best Crypto file lock for Windows.

My Lockbox folder locking  for Windows.

My Lockbox is another freeware Windows folder locking application. It is a bit advanced than the Best Crypto and need a full Windows installation. During installation, it will ask to set a global password and also the folder that it’s to be protected. You can only protect one folder with My Lockbox free edition.

My Lockbox folder locking  for Windows.

As shown in the image, you can add or delete the folder that is to be protected, all after logging in with the global password. There is also an option to set a hotkey to access the program control panel quickly on the desktop. My Lockbox is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download My Lockbox folder locking software here.

WinRAR, another useful software that we use daily for extracting and creating archives can also be use to password protect files and folders.  When you create and archive, move to the advanced options from tabs and select to set password. So if you want to lock/hide your secret folder, just make archive with the WinRAR. It is available free as a 45 day trial version here.

The original Folder Lock for Windows is a product from Newsoftwares, that does the same in a better secure way. But unfortunately its a shareware application.

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  1. The coomand prompt thng was awsum.. its simple an easy and effective as well.. thanks a lot… cheerz..

  2. The Command Prompt thing wont work always. If someone unchecks hide Protected operating System files from the Folder Options menu then the folder or file becomes visible.

  3. there is no download link available, this website is soo awful with its layout
    the developer must of had a few beers before he made this site as its
    full of garbage, that we all can do without.

    forever and ever please free of of all this garbage, so it will be easier for us
    to find what we want.

  4. @joey We regret the inconvenience caused to you. We have modified the post and added some tools and methods that you can use to lock Windows folders. Actually, we used one plugin in this website that deleted all links posted earlier. So we are manually editing everything and we need some more time to complete everything. Again, our apologies.

  5. Thanx for tht +s +h cmd thing !!!

    Thanx Zaheer khan … ur comment was indeed valuable !!

    keep sharing the knowledge !!!

  6. this command dsnt worked for me…. 🙁 says +s named dosnt exisist please chk the name… am using windows basic… plz help

  7. ‘Attrib +s + h’ will work in hiding the file\folder. But the file is visible when searched.

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